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Temporary Art: Here and Then Gone

There’s something intriguing about temporary art: from the ancient art of sand mandalas, representing the temporality of the universe, to paper clip sculptures, representing the temporality of office life. So much time put into something that’s here and then simply … Continue reading

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When I think of summer, I think of bears. Nearly every summer when I was a kid we’d visit Sequoia National Park, and every visit had its bear absurdities: Like the bear that broke into a nearby camper’s Volkswagen and … Continue reading

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Super Who?

Hey, it’s all about the costume. So get a costume… …learn to fly… …and be Super You! Have a Super September, peeps!

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If I were?

Originally posted on Rumenations:
If I were A stray? Would you Take me in Lost? would you Find me Someone else? Would you Respond this way Not me? Would you Take me back To return? Would I be allowed To…

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Grace 101

Classes have resumed at schools and universities, or will soon; one of our daughters started her junior year in college this week. Which put me in mind of a blog I once posted about a religion professor demanding an “impossible” … Continue reading

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Believe in Yourself?

Last week, I wrote a post entitled Celebrate Yourself! And now this. What’s up? Have I suddenly gone all theologically squishy? Allow me to explain. I usually cringe when I see “Believe in Yourself” articles. Because, while in theory belief … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

I considered my smallness, and said, “Lord, I am nothing. Who am I that You should even notice me?” And a still, small voice answered, “You are the one who asks the question. And that is not nothing.  It is … Continue reading

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