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Parenting Illustrated

Raising a Toddler: Raising a Teenager: Parent’s School Experience: Child’s School Experience: Parent’s Goals for Teenager: Teenager’s Goals: Off to College! After College: Any Questions?

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Humans are, almost by definition, amateurs. Just when you start to get a handle on being a toddler, you become a kid. And just when you’re halfway proficient at being a kid, you turn into a teenager. And parenthood? Forget … Continue reading

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My Scar Stories

The Mother of All Calamities When I hit 13, I was old enough to go on a YMCA Caravan. Caravans were cross-country trips in which two leaders and a dozen barely-teen boys would pile into a van and head for … Continue reading

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Teach Your Children Well

“Though the boys throw stones at the frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, they die in earnest.”  ~Bion of Borysthenes (325 – 250 B.C.) Suicide is now the number three cause of death among children, and at … Continue reading

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Exposing the Truth

Wish it wasn’t, but this is a true story. A high school friend named Joe and I used to argue constantly. We had Gym class together, and one day we argued all the way to the showers and back to … Continue reading

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Mr. Trippifel boiled a frog to death in Biology: it didn’t know it was dying because the temperature rose so slowly. “That’s me,” Gina thought. “Only I know.” Mrs. Simonson told Zack to “write about real life.” So he wrote … Continue reading

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