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Writing – Self-Publishing and Self-Doubt

Originally posted on Andrew's View of the Week:
I suffer from writing self-doubt.  In fact, I just googled, ‘self-doubt’ to make sure I spelled it right, was using the right word and confirm that it is hyphenated. At the…

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The Real Problem

Originally posted on Russellings of the Spirit:
“Your situation…” a wise person once said to me, “… is never the problem.” Pregnant pause. “The problem… “ they continued, “… is your RELATIONSHIP to your situation.” And for the most part, I…

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(Time-lapse video below It’s spring! Sort of. Actually, we’re still in Sprinter where I live, so it’s snow shovels one day and flip-flops and shades the next. But the dandelions can’t be fooled. Fake-daisy-delions are popping up all over our … Continue reading

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How did I get so Old?

Can you feel me? Boomers – bought stamps for 5¢. “Wait, we don’t have to lick them anymore?” Gen-X – bought stamps for 18¢. “Remember you must lick ’em, lick ’em good!” Millennials – bought stamps for 34¢. “You used … Continue reading

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Parable of the Sailboat

Most of my dreams are “mad libs,” the organized part of my mind attempting to construct a narrative out of disparate snippets. But every now and then I receive what could actually be considered a message. My life was at … Continue reading

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The Key to Success?

So, yeah, failure is the key to success. Yada-yada. I hate that. Don’t you?  Nevertheless, it’s true. (Dammit.) But wait, what about those exasperating stories of people for whom success came easily? Have you read the follow-up accounts? Their success always seems … Continue reading

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Object Lesson

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
So it turns out I’m a master of the ancient and venerated art of Feng Shui! And all this time I just thought I had OCD.

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