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Pen Pals Forever!

My Real Memoir “To a real sweet guy and brain that is in most of my classes and is real neat.” ~Sherri “From your most hansome [sic] friend.” ~Manuel “You have a real bitchen personality and you’d better keep it … Continue reading

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In Desperate Need of Focus

My Real Memoir It was like one of those “Kick me!” signs pranksters slap on your back. I’d had ADHD from conception (the doctor told my mother I was the most hyperactive fetus he’d ever seen), but nobody had a … Continue reading

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The Death of a Friend

Image by Yuri_B My Real Memoir It was a forced friendship. True, Craig was an only child like me, but that was the only thing we had in common. I wasn’t averse to taking risks, but Craig was the most … Continue reading

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The Most Memorable Year of My Life

My Real Memoir Not until my wedding, 21 years later, did I have another year that was so packed with personal memories. I’d fallen in love with music just as the Beatles and ensuing British Invasion hit, and started learning … Continue reading

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The Day the Magic Died

My Real Memoir One of my earliest movie memories is of The Wizard of Oz, which if you’re like me you’ve probably seen too many times to count. As a kid I’d prayed for a tornado, an admittedly rare event in … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Compound Fractures

My Real Memoir I’d never been an athlete. While other kids learned how to follow-through with a baseball bat or how to throw a perfect football spiral, my buddy Jeff and I were learning how to be Tom and Huck … Continue reading

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Fun House of Pain?

My Real Memoir My fingers had every reason to think I hated them. I cut more chunks out of them than I did any actual wood when whittling surfer style “tiki god” pendants for my friends (“Dear Mitch, please carve … Continue reading

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Strange Hallucinations … an Unlucky Actor … and a Chimpanzee Painter

Originally posted on Nuggets of Gold:
1. I think I would choose a different career! 2. Looks like it should be an amusement park for kids instead. 3. Hmmm…..! 4. I bet I could paint as well as an ape!…

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Death by Public Speaking

Illustration by Sara-Mara The Wishing Map is a full-length fantasy that is being posted episodically at this site. To read the previous episode, click here. To read the entire novel, begin here. For some annoying cosmic reason, Mid-Mid’s (Middleton Middle … Continue reading

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Dude, if I had a Nickel…

…for every time a cow has fallen on my car!

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