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When Life Gives You Compound Fractures

My Real Memoir I’d never been an athlete. While other kids learned how to follow-through with a baseball bat or how to throw a perfect football spiral, my buddy Jeff and I were learning how to be Tom and Huck … Continue reading

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Fun House of Pain?

My Real Memoir My fingers had every reason to think I hated them. I cut more chunks out of them than I did any actual wood when whittling surfer style “tiki god” pendants for my friends (“Dear Mitch, please carve … Continue reading

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Strange Hallucinations … an Unlucky Actor … and a Chimpanzee Painter

Originally posted on Nuggets of Gold:
1. I think I would choose a different career! 2. Looks like it should be an amusement park for kids instead. 3. Hmmm…..! 4. I bet I could paint as well as an ape!…

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Death by Public Speaking

Illustration by Sara-Mara The Wishing Map is a full-length fantasy that is being posted episodically at this site. To read the previous episode, click here. To read the entire novel, begin here. For some annoying cosmic reason, Mid-Mid’s (Middleton Middle … Continue reading

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Dude, if I had a Nickel…

…for every time a cow has fallen on my car!

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The Wishing Map 3

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter One: The Double Moon (continued) Previously: Mike’s bike shop attempted to snatch a carpet out of the hands of a passing red-headed woman. Zack Dore missed it, … Continue reading

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