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Warning: Prayer is Dangerous

I asked God for advice, and he said, “OK. Change.” I replied, “No, no, there you go again misunderstanding my requests!” Warning: If you ask God for guidance, he’s going to tell you to change. This is why prayer is … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Hear God’s Voice

Originally posted on The Church Revolution:
Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of audibly hearing the sound of God’s voice with our own two ears. I mean, that would just be awesome! I feel like my life would be so…

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Journaling for Life

Part Two: How to Write a Life Journal for Present You and Future You (including suggestions on how to use fewer words than this subtitle does) I argued in Part One that the future benefits of journaling are at least … Continue reading

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I Always Knew You Loved Me, Mom

(See video below) Mom was twenty when I was born—twenty times as old as me. But when I turned ten, I suddenly realized she was now only three times as old as me. And when I reached twenty she would … Continue reading

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Mixed Blessings

Part One of Two The term “mixed blessings” is redundant. Why do I say that? Because all blessings—all real ones—are mixed. I only fully realized that this morning while contemplating the day I met the woman I was destined to … Continue reading

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