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A Brief Winter’s Tale

“My whiskers!” said Reggie McMouse. “What a catastrophe that nearly was!” And then, after cleverly outwitting the dangerous intruder, Reggie returned to his favorite chair. He was particularly pleased with his posh new rug. ~The End~ ζ

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A Personal Gallery of Holiday Images

Like most people, my wife and I snap pictures of holiday memories, fall getaways, Thanksgivings, winter daytrips and, of course, Christmas — Trudy magically Christmafies our home every year. Here’s a gallery of images (minus family-only photos) we’ve captured during … Continue reading

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Finishing My Winter Project

I’d always intended to stain and finish the raw pine mirror we bought too long ago to admit (think decades, not years), but somehow I just never got around to it. Then our little cat Misha (note deceptively innocent-looking beastie … Continue reading

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          Background art by kjpargeter (VectorStock.com/4602)

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Nature Walkabout With Coffee

Originally posted on garyfultz:
View from our front picture window. You can’s see the cold. I take a sip of coffee and look out the front window. I am at the bottom of the hot chocolate can and the coffee…

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Snow Grins

“Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” ~Jule Styne “Let it stop. Let it stop. Let it stop.” ~Everyone Else Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slide show. “I used to be Snow White, … Continue reading

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Pre-Valentine’s Day Notes to Self

We’re heading into the snowiest Valentine’s Day weekend ever. But in the meantime, wife still has to go to work. So I man up and get out there in below-freezing temps (Real Feel: minus 80°) and shovel the driveway. It … Continue reading

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Instant Memoir

I’d expected to write another My Real Memoir entry this morning. But when I awoke (my favorite way to start the day), our world had been transformed from Cincinnati to Narnia, or (if you’re a GoT fan) the Kingdom of … Continue reading

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An Ode to Winter

16 years ago this week, we moved from sunny SoCal to Cincinnati, Ohio. And the view from our windows (above) was exactly the same as it is now. Because it turns out: They have winter here this time every year! … Continue reading

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Thought for the Week During a recent Sunday drive, my wife and I stumbled across this wonderful old covered bridge above. It was an ordinary day (our original plans had fallen through) made special by warm conversation and a light … Continue reading

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