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Farthest-Away Star Ever Discovered!

Space, March 31 (United Press Irrational) NASA has just announced that the Hubble Space Telescope, using a new lensing technique, has located a star nearly 13 billion light years away. A red star, indicating advanced age, it is also the … Continue reading

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Subtexts (for the Implication-Impaired)

Subtitles or closed-captions (for the hearing-impaired): Most movies and TV shows have them. But what about subtexts, the underlying real meanings or implications behind people’s words? As a writer, blogger, social-networker, or even as as conversationalist, have you ever wished your … Continue reading

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The 32 Second Killing Spree

Three mass shootings in a week. El Paso, Texas, Gilroy, California, and now Dayton, Ohio, where many of my friends live (none were present at the shooting). Actually, America averages more than one mass shooting a day; these three simply … Continue reading

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You Know What They Say

“You know what they say…” I’ve heard all my life, and I’ve often wondered just who They is, to know so little and stir up such strife– without them the world would be in bliss. Then it happened one day … Continue reading

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This Changes Everything!

Note: This is from that bastion of journalistic integrity The Weekly World News, so you know it’s gotta be true. Check and see if your boss or ex-boyfriend is still around. Other actual newspaper headlines from the Think-Before-You-Print department: “New … Continue reading

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The New Death Penalty

The death penalty is dying. Even in many American states where it’s still legal, it’s no longer actually practiced. Why? One key reason is that too many innocent people have been wrongly executed. It’s interesting, therefore, that character assassination is … Continue reading

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Headlines You May Have Missed

We’ve all been so busy with world news and politics lately that we’ve missed a lot of other important stories. No worries, I’m here to catch you up (you’re welcome).

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The Problem with Boys

I don’t believe there’s a single fix-all solution to America’s “gun problem.” I do believe gun sales need to be better monitored; that semi-automatic rifles should require even more tightly-controlled licensing (perhaps the NRA can help with this process, rather … Continue reading

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Best News Bloopers of 2017

“To err is human,” oh, so human. Some of 2017 was tragic. Some was joyful. Most of it was just, well, human. And kinda funny. Wishing you a joyful and un-embarrassing 2018!

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By Jupiter!

Two giant red spots made the news yesterday: NASA’s spacecraft Juno captured the most prominent images yet of Jupiter’s famous red spot. Why the eruption causing Jupiter’s swirl has lasted for centuries is unknown. Meanwhile, I captured the most prominent … Continue reading

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