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Curmudgeonly Me

Cur·mud·geon, noun (kər-mŭj′ən): An ill-tempered, cantankerous person, traditionally older, but now of any age. Cur·mud·geon·ly, adjective (kər-mŭj′ən-li): How I feel when I’m reading current political news. :>(

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Some Things Never Change

Fall Elections were held in the U.S. this week. And as a result, my city now has a new mayor and a gaggle of fresh-blood council members. Why? Because, as the old expression goes, we “threw the (previous) bums out!” … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Our World?

Thought for the Week “It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of not looking sufficiently progressive.” ~Charles Péguy I don’t know of any nation or society that’s ever been universally improved by … Continue reading

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Truth Is a Hard Path

Photo: David John Terry (pinterest.com) Thought for the Week Truth is not comforting. It’s a hard path to stay on. It’s rocky and unpredictable, refusing to show us what we wanted to see, taking us where it will, rather that … Continue reading

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Meet Me In the Middle?

Thought for the Week During the contentious–and by some, still contended–national election my country just came through, I was repeatedly prodded to “take a stand!” i.e. to swing either far to the left far to the right. But I did … Continue reading

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Stay the Course!

Thought for the Week Don’t lose sight of your true purpose. Purpose always transcends circumstances. Yes, adjustments and even detours will need to be made along the way, but they too can be a part of fulfilling your purpose. If … Continue reading

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Own Your Errors

Thought for the Week “Admit your mistakes,” is hardly the motto of our current culture. If anything, it’s the opposite. Being exposed for having ever been anything other than what one claims to be can mark the end of a … Continue reading

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October Madness

Election fever Tempers boiling People screaming Our world on the brink of survival And then there’s this… “You’re welcome.” ~God “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ~L.M. Montgomery

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Subtexts (for the Implication-Impaired)

Subtitles or closed-captions (for the hearing-impaired): Most movies and TV shows have them. But what about subtexts, the underlying real meanings or implications behind people’s words? As a writer, blogger, social-networker, or even as as conversationalist, have you ever wished your … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers vs. Gen X vs. Millennials

Originally posted on shakemyheadhollow:
You can find the arguments all over the Internet – baby boomers broke America, millennials are aimless and self-absorbed, etc. Let me try to put the competition to rest. All of these arguments have one thing…

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