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Normal, Oh, How I’ve Missed You!

My wife and I love daytrips to forests, hills, gorges—there are plenty nearby, or at least plan-ahead-close. And there are quaint towns and areas of Cincinnati, our sprawling metropolis (OK, so it’s not exactly Chicago, but it has its share of, … Continue reading

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Worshipping in Captivity

Our communion and coffee tray We “did church” at home again yesterday, our new norm for Sundays. We even took communion with ordinary bread and an ordinary cup, temporarily made holy (set apart, dedicated) for the purpose. It was a … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever!

We love our home. No, it’s not in any tourist guides, but it has Us built into it. We miss it when we travel, especially in the mornings and at bedtime (hotel beds just don’t know how to hold us); … Continue reading

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The Tales We’ll Tell

Originally posted on Perpetually Past Due:
When this is all over, like the trifling troubles of our early days; when the quarantines are lifted and we can once again be social without distance, when Covid-19 has become a boogeyman of…

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April Fools?

What if this virus thing were really just a big, elaborate April Fools’ Day joke? Oh, how we’d all laugh while those merry pranksters were being lined up and shot. (Sadly, it’s not, so please stay safe and healthy, my … Continue reading

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Comedy Relief

After performing tragedies, the ancient Greeks always staged comedies, often making fun of the tragedies they’d just presented. Why? Comedy relief. Likewise, humor flourishes during wars and epidemics. Morbidity? No, survival. When we’re under attack, we ridicule our attackers and … Continue reading

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Just Doing My Part

By responsibly practicing social distancing, I’m keeping thousands of people from being directly exposed to me. No, I don’t have the virus (I hope), I’m referring to my personality. You’re welcome. P.S. To my online friends: If you’re about to … Continue reading

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