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In the Bleak Midwinter

There’s something about midwinter. Perhaps because it’s too cold to go outside, we’re forced to look inside and assess what we see. “Do I like who I’ve become? Is this who I thought I would be?” January’s vows have vanished … Continue reading

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Resolutions that Stick

Most resolutions don’t stick because they’re not resolutions. The idea behind the world resolution is to solve a problem. So for starters, approach resolutions as problems to be solved. And then? The word itself tells you what to do next. … Continue reading

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A Filmmaker’s Journal

Open Door or Open Pit? In the battle for fame, conscience is often the first casualty. I’d just completed my final student film and was combing through Backstage, a well-known resource for entry-level movie jobs, when, to my surprise I … Continue reading

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Willpower vs. Wordpower

The start of the new year always seems to be about willpower, even for those who don’t make official Resolutions. It’s the time to start over, the time to finally make those dreams come true. For people of faith it’s a time … Continue reading

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Real Success!

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
“May you be so successful this year that people attribute all kinds of things to you that you never actually said!” ~Albert Einstein But seriously…  This year, more than ever before, may you know and live…

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Your Life’s Purpose

“The purpose of your life did not begin with you, and it will not end with you.” ~from The Wishing Map, Episode 133

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dream…persevere…succeed (hopefully)

Originally posted on Kevin Hotter:
I know what some people are thinking. Dreams? Really? This guy is going to write about butterflies, rainbows and leprechauns? No way. I’m fully aware that if you are 5’1 with no athletic ability, you…

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