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Journaling for Life

Part Two: How to Write a Life Journal for Present You and Future You (including suggestions on how to use fewer words than this subtitle does) I argued in Part One that the future benefits of journaling are at least … Continue reading

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Tips for Writers: Write What You Know?

A successful writer friend once went tiradical on me when I mentioned the literary admonition, “Write what you know.” “I hate that!” she shouted. “Why?” “It restricts you! What if you want to write about something you’ve never experienced?” Interestingly, … Continue reading

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Fool’s Odyssey 14

To read Fool’s Odyssey from the beginning, click here. Chapter Four: Wanderings in the Wilderness Previously: Disenchanted with sensualism, the Fool sought a different life. Again. ↔ I finally found someone to share all the fun I wasn’t having. It … Continue reading

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The Christmas Experience

While still newlyweds, my wife and I visited Plimouth Plantation in Massachusetts, the impossibly authentic re-creation of America’s first Pilgrim colony occupied by role-playing historian-actors who literally live out the daily lives of the original inhabitants. During the course of our day … Continue reading

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