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Are Computers Dehumanizing Us?

Thought for the Week Last week, my wife and I flew to the west coast. In recent years, flying has been transformed from a pleasure into an ordeal, with passengers packed into increasingly rigid, anorexically thin seats. So, yes, we … Continue reading

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What Gender Is Your Computer?

I didn’t write the following, but I do find it amusing (I don’t know who wrote it). Yes, it’s based on stereotypes, but there are some “that kinda rings true” statements. And, yes, it’s not very of-our-time; I mean, are … Continue reading

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Why Is “Smart” Marketing So Dumb?

  I’m not impressed with “smart” marketing. I’ve received smart (targeted) ads for: Lacrosse equipment (a sport I have no interest in)—because I bought Lacrosse gear for a nephew who was into it for three months when he was 14 … Continue reading

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