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A Filmmaker’s Journal

A Tribute to My Mentor How do you talk about a friend who died in the most abhorrent of ways? You talk about how they lived, about their kindness and wisdom. I launched my filmmaking career with an internship at … Continue reading

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A Filmmaker’s Journal

The Movie is Done: Now on to Making a Movie! Shooting has concluded on Notzilla, my second feature film as a writer-director (or, more accurately, principal photography has concluded). Does this mean we’ve “made a movie?” Far from it! Shooting … Continue reading

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A Filmmaker’s Journal

Green Means Go! Concept art for in-the-works monster movie parody. I jumped the gun last year and announced that I was about to sew up a deal to write and direct a new feature film. Well, it took half a … Continue reading

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My Ten Favorite Movies of 2017 – So Far

I have lots of room in my heart for “mainstream” movies. You know, the ones people actually watch. I saw a film aficionado’s list of the 50 Best Movies of the 21st Century recently and suddenly felt terribly unsophisticated. Not … Continue reading

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Coming Out, Hollywood Style

Did you know that famously liberal Hollywood actually has a lot of closet conservatives? Here are just a few: Robert Downey Jr, Adam Sandler, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Robert Duvall, Drew Carey, Kelsey Grammer, Chuck Norris, Dennis Miller, Bruce Willis, Vince Vaughn, Gary … Continue reading

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My Super Bowl Ad!

(Note: You can skip to the video below, if you want to, but I’m guessing you’ll enjoy it even more if you read this first) Super Bowl has been the most watched event on American television for fifty years. (For my … Continue reading

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I Hate to Wait!

(Video below) When Abraham was 75, God promised to give him a child. Twenty-five years later, when Abe was 100 years old, Isaac was born. Gee, why the rush, Lord? Hey, to God 1,000 years is like a day (2 Peter … Continue reading

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