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Beyond Forgiveness

Imagine meeting someone who is so breathtakingly good, so kind and intelligent that you fall instantly in love with them. So you beg them to come and live with you. And they say, “Yes!” Now imagine they’ve acquired a video … Continue reading

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Love and Hyperbole!!!!

Hyperbole: Poetic exaggeration. Some examples: “Fly me to the moon, and let me play amongst the stars, let me see what love is like on Jupiter and Mars!” ~Bart Howard “Longer than there’ve been fishes in the ocean, higher than any … Continue reading

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Magical Places to Be in Love

Some places are objectively beautiful. They take our breath away, and then return it to us full of light and hope. Yet magical places are everywhere, even in the “bad parts of town.” Why? Because we carry the real magic, … Continue reading

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A Filmmaker’s Journal

Tree Hugging in Florida We aren’t snowbirds; my wife and I like the four seasons. But when our executive producer offered a trip to the Florida Comedy Film Festival for the screening of our movie Notzilla, we jumped (well, flew, … Continue reading

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Fist fight with the mirror.

Originally posted on You, Me, Music & Life:
It would be pretty amazing if we all could have a superpower, what would you go for if you could pick one? Invisibility sounds good, but definitely has the potential to get…

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Object Lesson

So it turns out I’m a master of the ancient and venerated art of Feng Shui! And all this time I just thought I had OCD. ≠ Note: The above is meant strictly as a self-tease. My OCD is fairly … Continue reading

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Storing the Truth in Our Hearts

Connecting With God In my last Connecting With God post, I talked about memorizing Scripture. That should have been easy for me, since I’d been acting ever since the 6th Grade Talent Show.  Nope. Memorization was the thorn in my … Continue reading

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