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Drive-Thru Mortuary

The first drive-by open casket viewing premiered 30 years ago this month, but has only recently become a national trend.   “Hi, and welcome to McDeath. We put the fun in funerals!  May I have  your order, please? “Yeah, I’d like to … Continue reading

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The Fifth Beatle

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It seems so silly now, but as a kid growing up in sunny SoCal I had a dogged loyalty to our locally grown Beach Boys that required me to “hate” The Beatles, those foreigners with goofy…

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Theology 101

A professor of religious studies informed his students on the last day of the term that not one of them had demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of Christianity. He ordered them to take out a blank sheet of paper and, in … Continue reading

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Earth Day is Us Day

There are those who say, “We can’t afford environmental regulations–too many lost dollars (or pounds, or rubles, or yuan), too many lost jobs.” Meanwhile, according to the World Health Organization: Over 7 million humans a year die from air pollution … Continue reading

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The Hard Work of Forgiveness

My new film Over-the-Rhine, which has its world premiere in Orlando next month, is about forgiveness. So the subject is very much on my mind. How do you forgive the unforgiveable? To begin with, you have to remember that, while … Continue reading

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Public Art

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I’m a huge fan of public art (most of the time). You?

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The Wishing Map 61

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Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter Fifteen: Destiny Previously: Zack and Gina finally made up, commiserating over the fact that they would (presumably) never return to…

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