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Existentialist Family Holiday

Summer is officially here (in my hemisphere, anyway). And you know what that means: Vacation planning! May your holidays be free of angst. Some tips: Avoid Kafka Festivals, bald sopranos, any town named Weltschmerz, and any place that has No … Continue reading

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Weird Children

The school year is over, and children are at play again. Sign Interpretation: Billy (in slow motion): “Throoww me the ballll, Bobbyyy.” Bobby: “I caaaann’t, Biillly, I have nooo shoulderrrrs.” Billy: “Welll, thenn, I think our gaaame has reached a … Continue reading

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Movie Mashups!

Summer blockbuster movie season is here! And that means sequels, spinoffs, and remakes! What better way to generate fresh ideas (dubious term, perhaps) than a mashup? Here are some top contenders: And finally, my personal favorite (still in development, so … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

Spring, don’t let the clouds hit you on the way out. Summer, hey, sup, babe?

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Summer Blockbusters We’ll Never See

We’re only half way through spring (in my hemisphere), but as far as Hollywood is concerned summer begins in May! And of course, you know what that means: Complex, original, profound works of cinematic art, right? Duh. No! It means summer … Continue reading

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This Summer

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Grime Fighter!

Summer days. I spent half my childhood wearing a cape. Granted, my superhero outfits were made from bath towels and swimsuits (nothing this fancy). Nevertheless, I was–and continue to be–a legend in my own mind. You?

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