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We’re Havin’ a Heatwave!

 So, this is spring? A month before summer officially begins here we started experiencing near-record heat, with temperatures rivaling peak summer days and not a rain cloud in sight. The ground is fractured, the shrubs are slouching, and our little … Continue reading

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The Mother of All Calamities

My Real Memoir For our last big event before we officially started our freshman year of high school, BFF Jeff and I took a YMCA Caravan trip, with a dozen barely-teen boys and two barely-adult leaders. The previous summer’s Caravan … Continue reading

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A Lone Firefly

I saw a lone firefly last night Why didn’t you alight, small soul before September? See, now your ember will burn alone You’ve missed your chance for hearth and home your time to glow has long since ended Or can … Continue reading

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The Tiniest Orphan (A Deceptive Little Tale)

They’d moved into the village late last spring, with their filthy habits and strange ways. Wise people steered clear of them, so they knew they weren’t wanted. And now, finally, they were gone. All but one. Abandoned and alone, on … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fall, er, Autumn, er, Falltumn

Today is the first day of autumn (in my hemisphere), one of the most unpredictable days of the year.  True, this year it’s been almost sardonically on-the-nose (where I live): yesterday was a blazing final summer day in the 90s, … Continue reading

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Dog Days

Thought for the Week Lily, a six-year-old Great Dane, had lost both of her eyes due to a rare medical condition. She’d also lost the will to live. Until one day another Great Dane named Maddison came into her life. … Continue reading

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Travelling First vs. Worst Class

I used to travel two or three times a month, middle class all the way. Oh, occasionally I’d get a mileage award bump to the slightly cushier first-class section, basically upper-middle-class. But the lower-middle-class coach section was fine, really. Once, … Continue reading

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Summer Me Now!

Some summers are hot. Some’re not. (See what I did there?) This year is looking more likely to be the former. But whatever it brings, the key is to embrace it! Here are some summer impressions to get you in … Continue reading

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Vacation Homes for You to Try

Originally posted on Potatoes and the Promise of More Potatoes:
Oceanview-View Beach House: Five bedroom, two bath Cape Hattaras beach house with stunning views of beach houses that have stunning views of the Atlantic ocean. There is a private pool…

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Call Me Mr. Sunshine

Photo by Zoltan Tasi Seven years ago, when the paint was still drying on my blog site, I was nominated for a start-of-the-summer Sunshine Blogger Award, “given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring.” I don’t do blogger awards … Continue reading

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