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World of Glass

It was the world they were born into The one they’d been given Although they’d long ago forgotten The Visitor who came and filled Their empty world with glass Which was said to be immortal They had to admit it … Continue reading

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Worldviews “Glassified”

Worldviews dominate our era. The motto of the present time could be, “Everyone’s worldview is valid, only mine is valider.” The old glass-is-half-full/glass-is-half-empty metaphor seems like an effective way of “glassifying” some prominent worldviews. Optimism – The glass is ½ … Continue reading

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Filling My Glass

Ah, the incessant question: Is my glass half empty or half full? But the real question, I think, is Who’s filling it? (or emptying it) Therefore, I choose to see my glass (if it’s really even mine) as neither half … Continue reading

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