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Daylight Savings Time!

 This announcement applies to all monsters, vampires, snow queens, princesses, wookies, superheroes, and normal (ish) humans. Thanks to Aussie artist Emma Kidd for the delightful monster!

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A Cold, Rainy Halloween!

Dead or alive, have a great Halloween! A cold, rainy Halloween is predicted for much of North America, so sing this song to keep warm, little zombies! And remember: bundle up–or you’ll catch your death. (Feel free to reblog, repost, … Continue reading

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Is Halloween Evil?

Video posted below Is Halloween evil? No. We are. Evil lives in people, not in things (Romans 3:23). People are, to use the classical term, sinful. But it’s easier (and less convicting) to focus on things. Many point to the pagan traditions behind Christmas and Easter, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Weapon

Courage is the greatest of all weapons, but it’s also invisible. You don’t know whether you have it until you’re called to use it. ~from The Wishing Map, Episode 103

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The Wishing Map 103

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here. The Wishing Map Chapter Twenty-One: “Hey-fah for the Sea!” (Continued) Previously: Gina and Zack confessed that they’d come to Ismara in search of the lost Revealer, first of the … Continue reading

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A Halloween Blessing

Hey, it happens.

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Is it the Devil?

WARNING: This will suck the breath right out of you!

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