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Peru: Rhythm of the Amazon

Originally posted on Global Sojourns Photography:
Every morning the Amazon wakes me with a new symphony. One day the tempo of the rain, next day the pulsating sounds of howler monkeys, and today it’s the electric strain of sunrise matching…

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My Real Memoir (Maybe)

Those who visit frequently may have noticed that I tend to post memoir entries at the start of each week. These used to be called “Memoir Mondays” because I like alliteration. But lately, for practical reasons (much to the vexation … Continue reading

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Light and Hope…

Originally posted on ellie894:
In the spring I plant morning glories. Heavenly blue is the name on the seed packet, and they certainly are all of that! I hope they will begin to flower in the summer. But, it is…

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Taking the Bait

Originally posted on The Second-Rate Scientist:
Like most of you, I am often besieged while browsing the web by those click-bait article titles that I know are misleading, yet I can’t help clicking. You know, you’re minding your own business,…

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The Power of Story

Guest Blog by Dora A K Dora AK affably accepted my request to write a guest blog about this site’s key idea, “the power of story to speak truth into people’s lives.” Here, she addresses not only the power of … Continue reading

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Condemned Alleys Fading Stars

Originally posted on Recollections At Fall:
On rare pensive moments when one contemplates on the vagaries of human existence Fleeting thoughts and images flash with persistence You stop the car at the traffic lights an emaciated maimed hand knocks at…

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My First Dive Trip to the Galapagos Islands

Originally posted on Scuba Hank NYC:
https://youtu.be/JhSJcO38-hU Underwater highlights from my dive trip to the Galapagos Islands. For many years, I wanted to visit the Galapagos Islands, especially Wolf & Darwin. For some reason, I thought it was very difficult…

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While in Exile, Prosper!

Originally posted on mulyalemutisya:
Exile is the in-betweens. When life is in transition. When you have come from a good place, are in a bad place, and are waiting to reach an even better place. Exile is a place of…

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Autumnal Shoot In Margam Park, Wales

Originally posted on OneCameraOneLens by Mark G Adams:
Today was the first day we were able to get out with Great Photography Walks South Wales since Wales came out of lockdown yesterday. We prayed for good weather as it has…

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Tips for Writers: The Serious Business of Funny

It’s been said that the only difference between Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies is this: at the end of his tragedies, everyone dies, and at the end of his comedies, everyone gets married. A Midsummer Night’s Dream could have been a … Continue reading

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