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A Religion of One

Originally posted on Jewish Young Professional:
When I was five, my dad misinterpreted that verse from Leviticus about not cutting your flesh for the dead as a prohibition against piercing your ears, so I never did, and only in high…

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I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, though I do have goals. More importantly, I have relationships. Although I sometimes wish I didn’t because, frankly, I’m not very good at them. I’m much more at home in Mitchland where I … Continue reading

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A Message from My Heart

I come from a long line of short-lived men. My father died of a heart attack at 45, and both of my grandfathers died of heart attacks, as well. In addition, my mother died of a heart condition at the … Continue reading

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Love. Before It’s Too Late.

My dad, Bill Teemley, was ambitious, hard-working, and deeply conservative. I was a wildly liberal 23 year old who’d recently completed a “useless” Theatre Arts degree and moved back in with the folks.  Somewhere along the line a Game of … Continue reading

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She’s Off for Good

Originally posted on Eating My Way to the Top:
My wife and I just dropped our 17-year-old daughter off at the airport so she can spend the next 2½ weeks volunteering with a humanitarian organization that’s building schools and teaching…

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A Different Kind of Wall

Bil was a proud man (yes, he spelled his name that way). Trust me, I know because I have an excess of pride myself. I came to know him when he played the lead role in my production of A … Continue reading

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I Forgive You for Not Being Perfect

My father was born 90 years ago today. He died 45 years later. Which means he’s been dead the same number of years he lived. Cold, round numbers that fail to tell who he was. Dad impacted every aspect of … Continue reading

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Feelin’ the Love!

Thank You for making Love. Before It’s Too Late my most read blog post of the year! and for making the day it was posted–and the next day–my two biggest viewing days ever!

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