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My Computer Crashed!

Well, OK, it didn’t exactly “crash.” I mean, there was no hole in the wall. There were no other bleeding computer owners standing around threatening to sue my pants off. Actually, what I did was delete a massive number of massively important … Continue reading

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Happy Blogday Two Me!

My Second Blogday came and went a couple of weeks ago without my even noticing. Which indicates that I’m growing up, I suppose. I mean, heck, I’m in my “terrible twos,” cruising around, breaking stuff all over the internet. For years … Continue reading

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Someone Appreciates Me!

All I ask for is a little appreciation. But do I get it?  No!  I get eye-rolling. From the wife. From the kids. From the squirrel looking in at me through the kitchen window. Stop with the eye-rolling already! Someone finally appreciates me. And it’s no less … Continue reading

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I Am Epically Awesome

“I am! For reals!” as my once-small and adorable, now big and adorable, daughters used to say. But don’t take my word for it. I was nominated for the Epically Awesome Award for Epic Awesomeness by that all around prince-of-a-fellow Charles French. Click … Continue reading

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Mixed Motives

If it weren’t for mixed motives I’d have no motives at all. I’m an idealist. I want (earnest cliche alert) to make the world a better place. But I’m also a hopeless egoist, and no matter what I do I can … Continue reading

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Your Gateway to “Godlike Entertainment!”

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
Picking a Blog Name, Part Three OK, so I lied. My name isn’t your gateway to anything. But it is both original and safe—which, after my Mitchellaneous experience, seemed important!  Plus, since I’m literally the…

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Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
Picking a Blog Name, Part Two After officially abandoning the blog title Don’t Read This, You’ll Only Encourage Him, I did what any creative guy would do: polled my Facebook friends for steal-able ideas, explaining…

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