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Never Grow Up!

Grow? Yes, in all the ways that count. But “grow up?” Hmm, maybe we should rethink that. Gina Marinello-Sweeney puts it this way: “Maturity is so often considered to be synonymous with ‘adult.’ But I truly feel that maturity may … Continue reading

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A Kid’s-Eye View of Reality

All children are aliens. Think about it: they come to our world from a liquid environment where they never had to breathe, where after every strange gurgling noise they suddenly felt full, where their every little movement was followed by … Continue reading

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Hope for the Human Race

Last week I posted a snarky photoblog entitled No Hope for the Human Race! but promised a counter-blog this week. Here it is. In the world of rhetoric, anecdotes are not considered sufficiently pursuasive to prove a point — unless … Continue reading

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Summer Me Now!

Some summers are hot. Some’re not. (See what I did there?) This year is looking more likely to be the former. But whatever it brings, the key is to embrace it! Here are some summer impressions to get you in … Continue reading

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Our Replacement Home

My Real Memoir Mommandad were in love. With each other, yes, but also with a city: San Diego. Dad worked seven-days-a-week as a newspaper man, but finished early on Sundays. So that was our day to visit San Diego. Not … Continue reading

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Confessions of an 8-Year-Old Prankster

Photo credit: The Lady My Real Memoir One of the advantages of living on a busy street (ours was the main route through the neighborhood) is that there’s a never-ending supply of drivers in need of something to liven up … Continue reading

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The Sky Goes All the Way Down!

Source: Raised to Action My Real Memoir I’ve always been a little, you know, different. School had resumed and it was Art Time. We were supposed to color what we saw out the classroom window. The view wasn’t particularly spectacular. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story Remix

Guest Blog by Tracy K. Ard Don’t be fooled by the adorable faces of Tracy’s three children (below). Life with them, according to Dad, is a mixture of A Christmas Story and Dave Barry’s worst (or best) nightmare. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Letting My Geek Flag Fly

“Some are born geeks, some achieve geekness, and others have geekness thrust upon them.” ~with apologies to William (a.k.a. “Willy the Geek”) Shakespeare I wanted so badly to be cool. But throughout my primary school years and into high school … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Forever!

Summer Memories In my memory, the words summer and camp are inseparable. Our local YMCA had an extensive program for teenies through teenagers, and I was hooked! Little Kids Camp was held in a pine-filled grove right there in suburban … Continue reading

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