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The Prince of Drama

My Real Memoir We had one elective. It might have been Creative Writing if I hadn’t had something to prove. I’d gotten sick right before the 6th Grade Talent Show. Everyone was sympathetic, even my parents, and the TV ad … Continue reading

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I Fell to My Death (But I’m Feeling Much Better Now)

My Real Memoir Getting a 10-speed bike for Christmas and being twelve years old meant (in my mind) that there were no longer any limits to how far I could go! I’d made it to Coyote Creek before. But it … Continue reading

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My Brief but Glorious Career as a Monster

Monster Me (photo enhanced by me, age 11) My Real Memoir I’ve admitted before my boyhood affection for monsters. No, more than just affection, from Dr. Frankenstein’s befuddled electro-charged jarhead to that ultimate pound puppy, the Wolfman, I empathized with … Continue reading

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Tips for Writing: Become a Brain Archaeologist

Photo by Dương Nhân Memoirs! I still write fiction, essays, and screenplays. But I take particular pleasure in composing the My Real Memoir posts I hope one day to publish in book form. These have been gratifyingly received by blogger … Continue reading

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Follow That Dream

My Real Memoir As this summer wears on, my feelings parallel those of a summer long ago when I was 12. True, I’m “ever so much more than twenty,” much less 12, but I find myself waiting just as I … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Marilyn

My Real Memoir It was August 4, 1962, and sweltering like it is now. I was only a kid, so you wouldn’t think it would have affected me much. But when I heard Marilyn Monroe had died while my buddy … Continue reading

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Livin’ Large at Age Eleven

(Not my actual family) My Real Memoir It was New Year’s Eve. But I was only eleven, so it would be at least two more years before I was allowed to attend a Real Party. The moment we stepped into … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on Roller Skates

Summer Memories Summer! During our pre-teen years (definition: we liked girls but didn’t know what to do with them), if we couldn’t be in the water, we were on wheels, going as fast as we could to stay cool–not that … Continue reading

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