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Finishing My Winter Project

I’d always intended to stain and finish the raw pine mirror we bought too long ago to admit (think decades, not years), but somehow I just never got around to it. Then our little cat Misha (note deceptively innocent-looking beastie … Continue reading

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Unpredictable Animals

I love animals. Because they’re cute? Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t. No, it’s because there’s something unique about each of them. Not just each species, but each animal. Their personalities are as varied as those of humans. Just … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Eat the Ribbons!

Am I the only one whose little cat thinks each bit of Christmas ribbon is a strand of pasta? Then, discovering it’s actually nasty and terribly vile, hurls it up in tidy little piles of cheery, multicolored Christmas bile? With … Continue reading

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50 Truly Clever Memes

The word meme comes from the same source as the word mime. Both can be clever, or incredibly annoying. Like when a mime starts building an imaginary box around you while you’re hunting for a public restroom. Also, memes don’t … Continue reading

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Dogs and Cats Explained

Dogs and cats are as different as day and night. But like day and night, we must have both or the world as we know it will cease to revolve. Click on any image to enlarge it, or to start … Continue reading

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If We Could Talk to the Animals…

The latest movie version of Dr. Doolittle just came out, and by all reports it’s–well, let’s just say it’s no Iron Man. Still, wouldn’t it be cool if we could talk to the animals? What would they tell us? P.S. … Continue reading

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Hey, If They Can Get Along…

(Click on any image to enlarge it, or start slide show) A quick reminder from the animal kingdom: We don’t have to be like each other to get along. Heck, we don’t even have to be the same species!

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Fat Cat

Two True Fables: Part One We didn’t look for cats. They would just show up and say, “I live here now, and you’re going to feed me.” It was a pretty sweet deal, though. They were free, they were cute, … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts (While Avoiding Weekend Chores)

Useful New Terms: Ambibiguity: The ability to make indecipherable gestures with either or both hands. Pontypical: Something the Pope says on a regular basis. Carcasm: Snide remarks my car makes behind my back. Catskills*: Chasing invisible intruders; fitting on windowsills … Continue reading

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It’s Daylight Savings Time!

Don’t Forget to or You could just dance

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