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A Tribute Written For One of My Favorite Poets

Originally posted on Paul's Poetry Playground:
You may be familiar with my series of beau pr├ęsents recently written as tributes to my favorite poets that I have been posting on this blog lately. Well, the poem I am posting…

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Healing River

Originally posted on Rhemalogy:
A gentleman stopped by my website the other day and posted a like to my Heavens to Betsy 2 movie review. When I found out who he was it humbled me and yet made me feel…

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The devils are here

Originally posted on Benyapoesy:
Hell will be one of the most well-known concepts ever:is there anybody who needs to tellempty feelings, pains and people who feed on each other,and is there anybody to tell we are living hell;all vain trials,…

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The pandemic update from Britain: hope, hype, and a tiger running loose

Originally posted on Notes from the U.K.:
At the risk of injecting a dangerous note of optimism into these updates, a new blood test looks promising. It might–emphasis on might–be able to pick up traces of Covid-19 a day…

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Are Face Masks the New Bumper Sticker?

Originally posted on Active Art:
What does our face say about us? Nonverbal communication is very important. I have had a few sarcastic remarks bomb because my smirk was hiding under a mask. (Or, at least, that is my excuse.)…

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What Do Colors Mean Around the World?

Originally posted on A Better Man:
The internet is chock full of infographics and posts that explain the psychological associations of various colors to help people and brands choose the perfect hue for their product, logo, or living room wall.…

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Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant: An Easter-Inspired Tale

Originally posted on Classic Reads:
I wanted to share a story that surprised and touched me. I love Oscar Wilde’s writings, from “The Importance of Being Earnest” to “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” But did you know he wrote a…

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