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Two Things in Life You Can’t Fake

Photo by Paul Duncan Thought for the Week There are two things in life you can’t fake: singing and sincerity. People may not tell you, but they know instantly when you’re off-key. So, before you go out on stage, make … Continue reading

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Pets with Attitude

Animals? Yes, because, well, animals. After several days of profundity (at least I thought so), I figured it was time for a Silliness Break (I had fun coming up with the captions). Hope you enjoy these funny, unexpected pet moments (and … Continue reading

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Super Who?

Hey, it’s all about the costume. So get a costume… …learn to fly… …and be Super You! Have a Super September, peeps!

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Wise Bear

Have a wonderful end of the week, and then a perfecticle weekend, and then an even wonderfuller week, and then, well, you know, just keep on going. ℘            “If you look the right way, you … Continue reading

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The Waiter from Hell?

All I wanted from our server was for him to tell us what the specials were, to make a few recommendations, and then bring us our food, quickly and hotly (is that a word?). Instead, he seemed offended at everything, … Continue reading

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I’m Insensitive. Respect Me!

I have decided to adopt Insensitivity as a way of life, and demand that you respect me as a member of a persecuted minority! What’s that? You say I’ve offended you? Stop persecuting me! Just a snarky little comment on … Continue reading

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Free Will

“My first act of free will shall be to believe in free will.” “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” ~William James (considered the father of modern psychology)

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How to be Happy

My Thanksgiving holiday sketch GrrAttitude is about a married couple having one of those nothing-to-be-thankful-for days. Ever have one of those? (The incident below really happened to my wife and me.) The setting is a laundromat: “So,” he observes, “our … Continue reading

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Success and Failure

“Success can’t keep its promises and failure can’t hold it’s ground. One shouldn’t be bamboozled by either state. The important thing is not to be in a certain state, but to be a certain kind of person in whichever state … Continue reading

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