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Animals Are People Too!

Alright, so technically they’re not. But populus, the Latin source of the word people, means “multitude,” and there are certainly a multitude of them (far more than there are humans). And more importantly, animals are every bit as expressive and … Continue reading

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Caricatures have been around for as long as people have. When we mock or tease someone, we do it by caricaturing them–exaggerating their features or mannerisms. My acting students once did a “celebrity roast” of me, imitating little idiosyncrasies I … Continue reading

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Just Doing My Part

By responsibly practicing social distancing, I’m keeping thousands of people from being directly exposed to me. No, I don’t have the virus (I hope), I’m referring to my personality. You’re welcome. P.S. To my online friends: If you’re about to … Continue reading

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The Invisible War

I had a friend whose left leg was an inch shorter than his right. For years he tried to hide his limp and, as a result, developed chronic tendonitis and stalactic bone spurs. He finally had “weird shoes” made (his … Continue reading

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