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Tips for Writers: Use an Irony Board

When creating a storyline, don’t just pull things out of the soiled ideas pile. Dig through it for something fresh. Inhale. Do they smell like something one of your characters would actually wear (think/do)? Good, but still not fresh enough. … Continue reading

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Floppy Fish Fingers

I was getting my food delivered long before COVID made it cool. I avoid supermarkets in much the same way that Chris Witty avoids blinking. I’ve just never been comfortable in that environment. Everything seems to so easily wind me…

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The “S” Word

My Real Memoir Sex. Along with acting and writing—and, if I’m honest, anything else that got me noticed—sex was beginning to claim a larger and larger chunk of terrain in my brain. At first it had been a distant island, … Continue reading

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Our Greatest Enemy

Thought for the Week Being your true self is a major contemporary cultural objective. But it’s almost always couched in terms of overcoming some kind of external pressure. True, outward adversaries are real. Yet the greatest challenge to knowing our … Continue reading

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Shift Your Focus

“Although we tend to think about saints as holy and pious, and picture them with halos above their heads and ecstatic gazes, true saints are much more accessible. They are men and women like us, who live ordinary lives and … Continue reading

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A Thunderstruck Conscience

Photo by Johannes Plenio The Wishing Map is a full-length fantasy that is being posted episodically at this site. To read the previous episode, click here. To read the entire novel, begin here. Zack was turning into a cloud shepherd, and in the … Continue reading

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A Kid’s-Eye View of Reality

All children are aliens. Think about it: they come to our world from a liquid environment where they never had to breathe, where after every strange gurgling noise they suddenly felt full, where their every little movement was followed by … Continue reading

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Parable of the Spare Change

Hey, I’m Brandon. So I lost my job. On Labor Day, no less. Which isn’t funny. It actually kinda sucks. I mean, everybody tells you what you wanna hear: “It’ll work out. You got this!” Only nobody means what they … Continue reading

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Ordinary Miracle

Originally posted on Flannel with Faith:
“How am I going to explain this diagnostic summary to this parent?” I asked myself. Twenty-two years of life is all I had under my belt. Teaching, and motherhood, were new. My heart answered:…

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I Fell to My Death (But I’m Feeling Much Better Now)

My Real Memoir Getting a 10-speed bike for Christmas and being twelve years old meant (in my mind) that there were no longer any limits to how far I could go! I’d made it to Coyote Creek before. But it … Continue reading

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