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My Strange Moment with Mr. Reagan

You can visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland by dodging the trolley, forgoing Goofy’s autograph, and hanging a hard right. As the curtains draw back, Mr. Lincoln rises painfully, his feet being bolted to the floor, and begins … Continue reading

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Tips for Writers: Trust the Story

Experience is the most effective teacher (I learned more Spanish in three days in Barcelona than I did in two years of high school Spanish class). But one of the most interesting things about the human psyche is that we’re … Continue reading

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New “Jesus Go!” Video

Last year I wrote a short story entitled Jesus GO! In it, a teenage girl and her Pokémon GO-obsessed kid brother meet an older man who insists that “Jesus came up with the idea first.” Because JG was so warmly … Continue reading

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The Power of Story

“Tell ‘em there’s power in Story,” the old gnome whispered. “Power ter heal and power ter hurt. Tell ‘em ter use their stories ter heal.” ~from The Wishing Map Source of my blog site’s title–and something I believe in rather … Continue reading

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The Cure for Writer’s Block!

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Writer’s Block  There are two primary definitions for the word block: An obstacle to be avoided An object used (as in construction) The cure for Writers Block (and its evil twin, Trouble Getting Started) is…

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The Best Way…

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Tips for Writers: Frustrate Your Hero

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I know, you’re thinking, “Well, of course. I always seek Mick Jagger’s advice when creating characters.” Or not. But Mick has a point: Instead of building a conventional dramatic arc by having your main character…

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