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7 Views on Writing

Hey, remember that scene where the alien bursts out of the guy’s chest?  “If a story is in you, it has to come out.”  ~William Faulkner Write without restraint! And then…restrain, restrain, restrain. “Write drunk, edit sober.”  ~Ernest Hemingway You can’t … Continue reading

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Happy Blogday Two Me!

My Second Blogday came and went a couple of weeks ago without my even noticing. Which indicates that I’m growing up, I suppose. I mean, heck, I’m in my “terrible twos,” cruising around, breaking stuff all over the internet. For years … Continue reading

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Tips for Writers: Frustrate Your Hero

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
I know, you’re thinking, “Well, of course. I always seek Mick Jagger’s advice when creating characters.” Or not. But Mick has a point: Instead of building a conventional dramatic arc by having your main character…

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Ach, Meine Liebster!

My new friend Adreea Gutu of Bucharest, Romania (as opposed to, say, Bucharest, New Jersey) has nominated me for a Liebster, the granddaddy of all blog awards!  Andreea is a classy poet who sometimes likes to slum at my site. Do yourself … Continue reading

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Someone Appreciates Me!

All I ask for is a little appreciation. But do I get it?  No!  I get eye-rolling. From the wife. From the kids. From the squirrel looking in at me through the kitchen window. Stop with the eye-rolling already! Someone finally appreciates me. And it’s no less … Continue reading

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One Heckuva Lovely Blog

I’ve been honored by my friend Roo at What’s Next with a One Lovely Blog Award! Roo rocks, so check out her lovely blog site today! Here’s what I have to do… To accept: 1. Thank the person who nominated me … Continue reading

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Blessed are the Weird People

Finally, a club for me!

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