The Month My Life Changed


I’d been trying “forever” to make movies, believing it was something God had called me to do. But I simply didn’t have the funds. So five years ago this month I got a bunch of talented volunteers together to shoot a commercial for Doritos’ million dollar prize-paying “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, knowing a win would finance my film projects. Around the same time, I auditioned for the lead role in a feature film entitled, very appropriately, Promises to Keep, a story about a middle-aged man’s second chance in life, but was cast in a small supporting role, instead.

Within two weeks, our little Doritos ad had shot to first place and was being watched by thousands of people every day. And Promises to Keep had suddenly been re-cast–with me in the lead role! Astounded at all that was happening, I posted this on my Facebook page:

“My Amazing Month: After many disappointments, I’m suddenly having this amazing month. But that’s not what I’m thankful for. My Doritos ad might fall into the Abyss of Could-Have-Been, and my feature film might languish in indie purgatory, and then what would I have? Answer: Two wonderful experiences and many new friendships. Plus a wife and children who loved me before My Amazing Month, who will love me when it’s over and The Bad Months return, as bad months do. And a God who loved me from the moment He thought me up, and who always will. So, come to think of it, long before My Amazing Month, my life was full of amazing things and amazing people. And that is what I’m truly thankful for!”

We didn’t win the million dollars, and Promises to Keep still hasn’t been released (stay tuned). But memorizing all of those lines inspired me to begin memorizing Scripture, and that has changed my life. It also led to a spirited conversation with P2K’s producer who, as a result, hired me to write and direct two feature films, Over-the-Rhine (slated for release) in 2019, and Notzilla, currently in post-production!

What’s next? I don’t know. But I do know this: God always keeps his promises. And he always will.

God is faithful. 

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48 Responses to The Month My Life Changed

  1. Great perspective here, Mitch :)) I appreciate your heart-felt approach! Dawn

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  2. Thank you for sharing. We all need that reminder sometimes.

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  3. Congrats on the great month – and God’s promises to get you through the not-so-great ones! I was about to google “Promises to Keep,” but you answered my question. Yes, I will stay tuned. 🙂
    Majoring in theater, where it seemed the only thing I had going for me was the ability to memorize, had me memorizing scripture, too. I realized it was a lot more efficient memorizing whole chapters and books (like whole plays) than individual verses and always trying to remember chapter and verse – too many numbers! There’s also the matter of context, which is too easy to lose quoting one verse at a time. Before the internet I figured if I were ever called to go into a country where the Bible was forbidden, I wouldn’t have to worry about being searched, they wouldn’t find anything. But I could still share sections of of Scripture with the people there. All I’d need is a translator. 😉

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  4. SarahC says:

    wow tthats cool, His cousin did that doritos thing and i thing she won a lesser prize maybe? but anyway good wishes for the movie

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  5. Amen,Mitch! Great words. You are blessed and highly favored, the inheritor of a kingdom, even! That can be hard for us to remember sometimes, but the kings and queens of old didn’t even have indoor plumbing and running water. So, I’m actually referring to different inheritance and a much higher kingdom, but you know, the hot running water part is still pretty cool. 🙂

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  6. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Praise God you’ve never given up, Mitch. Over-the-Rhine is going to have a profound impact on people; Notzilla will create a lot of feel-good endorphins from all the laughter! Who knows what he has for you next!

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  7. Oh, He sure is!! And this is wonderful!! Have often thought I missed it by not pursuing writing movies! No wonder I love your blog! Jesus was a story teller!!

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  8. joyroses13 says:

    This is such an awesome post! Love your attitude and how you didn’t give up! Love how God can surprise us! Wishing you the best with the movies. Thanks for your inspiring posts, they touch my heart.

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  9. Wow, Mitch what a month, Enjoy eating of your harvest and sharing it with your family. It’s great to read that despite all the whirling you’ve kept your feet on the ground of your family and your roots in Christ, so beautiful because when this harvest is gone, and you’ve been pruned back again you’ll be budding with new growth and fruiting like crazy in no time just, because you didn’t let the last harvest topple you. (Can you tell I’m writing about Christ the vine at the moment? HAHA but it’s just so encouraging when you see Scripture in action in someone’s life. God bless you Mitch.)
    Lots of love, L

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  10. smzang says:

    May your blessings continue to multiply.
    When I read of your many accomplishments, I am reminded of that ‘old saw’*:
    “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” You are most deserving of all honors.
    I’m thinking God looks at you, smiles, and says “I did a good job with that one.”

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  11. What a wonderful and positive view on things, Mitch. You bring light to this community more than you could ever know.

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  12. If you’re faithful to the vision God gave you hear will work it out. It doesn’t always look like we imagine it would but it will be there and it will be good.

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  13. Mitch, This just blessed me. Your story reminds me of my husband who like you, has a desire to produce movies. He recently concluded, no matter what happens He will accept God’s will regarding the matter. And his life is, was and will always be FULL.
    Amen and thank you for sharing.

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  14. Ok, now this sounds weird but – well, when I was a little girl I’d write ‘shows’ and get my friends to act in them. Mostly they never amounted to anything, but we did put on several performances for charity over the years, which is not bad for a bunch of kids, is it? If you’d asked me at the age of 10 what I wanted to be when I grew up I’d have said a film director.

    So I have started going along to a mental health theatre group – kills two birds with one stone. I know already that the director knows what he is doing, which intrigues me. I want to learn. I want to know all about the writing, the sound, the lighting, all of that stuff. It is absolutely fascinating. Que sera sera. God’s in charge. I eagerly await Over the Rhine. Will it be released in the UK?

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  15. So many great things in this post!! This inspires me.

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  16. carhicks says:

    and he always answers our prayers. It might not be like we wanted, but as you said, there is always something that we can get from every experience.

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  17. Laila Resende says:

    Things may not happen as we wish to, but who are we before the plans of God? In the end, the results are even better than expected.

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  18. Laila Resende says:

    As we wish them to*

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  19. SuzyQ says:

    Mr. Mitch, you give hope to all of us out here working so hard to make good happen. God willing my books will land in the hands of every kid needing to learn the power of prayer. For whatever reason, adults/society are leading children into a world of hate without the love of God. Little ones…5,6,7, and up will learn Faith & Courage in my stories. After my book is released, I look forward to posting good news. Thank you for encouragement!

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  20. etiliyle says:


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  21. Your post touched a strong inside, and for that, thank you!❤

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  22. Yure says:

    I wish I had the same luck; being teacher in my country is not easy. I’m still trying to find a place to hire me. With me, it’s not a matter of funds, but opportunity. And I have none. But good thing that it’s working out for you.

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  23. Reading your words reminds of a wonderful and inspirational Dr Wayne Dyer. I watched The Shift many times. I still watch it from time to time. I have learned to be patience and trust! Like you said “God’s timing…” 🙂

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  24. Never question “mysterious ways….”

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  25. With such bang-on priorities, all will be well.

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