The Legend of Fat Cat

Fat Cat

My Real Memoir

Well, here I am talking about cats again. We didn’t actually look for cats. They would just show up, and say, “I live here now, and you’re going to feed me.” What the heck, they were free, and most of them were pretty affectionate.

Except for Fat Cat. Mr. B and Ginchy liked us, they really liked us. Not Fat Cat. He avoided us like the mange. But every now and then he would suddenly remember how deeply he loved us.

It was when Mom cooked chicken for dinner.

We ate in the den because we were committed to spending quality time every evening…with the TV. While Mom loaded our plates onto a tea cart, Dad would pull a gateleg table (made by the same people who built medieval drawbridges) out of the closet. Then he would lift the Formica flaps, activate the 416 interlocking cast iron legs, and voila: the perfect 9,000 pound eating surface from which to view Bonanza.

As soon as we sat down, Fat Cat would adopt his “I love humans soooo much!” look and jump up into Dad’s lap, then curl up and (seemingly) fall asleep. But seconds later his right front paw would levitate, and as soon as it found Dad’s plate, would begin fishing for fowl. Splunk. Mashed potatoes. Ew! Shake-a, shake-a. Resume reconnaissance. Then the mission would be cut short by a friendly poke from Dad’s fork. Fat Cat would jump down, acutely offended.

Then he would jump up into Mom’s lap and the ritual would begin again: Lap. Nap. Levitating paw. Fork. Squeak. This would continue until he’d been kicked off every lap.

After dinner, Mom would roll away the tea cart while Dad began closing the gate legs and lowering the drawbridge flaps.

As the only child, my job was to supervise. One particular night, while Dad was carrying the hulking table toward the closet, I spotted a strange aberration: four extra feet. And unlike the others, these had claws, claws that were frantically trying to help the table “walk.” As Dad passed, I looked between the flaps and saw…

Fat Cat. Neatly folded into the legworks. And looking seriously peeved. Being the deeply compassionate child I was, I instantly sprang into action, i.e.,

I fell on the floor laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Dad asked.

I pointed between the flaps: “He…the cat…hah-hah-hah-hah!”

Dad looked for himself. A moment later he landed on top of me, guffawing like a madman.

Mom came rushing in. “What’s going on?” Dad pointed: “He…the ca…hah-hah-hah-hah!” She looked between the flaps at the irate cat slowly working his way through the legworks, and…

Whump! She landed, on top of both of us, chortling uncontrollably.

It was the hardest my family ever laughed (our stomachs still hurt the next morning).

Fat Cat was not amused.

He did, however, graciously forgive us…

The next time Mom cooked chicken.

Note: to complete this two-part parable,

read The True Tale of Toby the Turtle.

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41 Responses to The Legend of Fat Cat

  1. Love this. Kitty stories are the best and this is so well told!

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  2. Great story!!! Made me laugh and give thanks for Fat Cat, the storyteller and all things that bring a smile. Thank-you.

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  3. That cat was a real cat. He knew how to get what he wanted. A lovely story of a family dinner with Fat Cat

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  4. marthadilo3 says:

    Lol poor fat cat! Although with a name like that it sounds like he did ok in the chicken department!

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  5. Staci Troilo says:

    That’s too funny. Pets do love table food. But getting folded in the table in his quest for it? Hilarious.

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  6. Well, now my stomach hurts from laughing so hard at your post!! 😀 😀 😀

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  7. The best laugh I’ve had in months. Thanks. Mitch. Now I just have to remember that if I fall on the floor laughing it will take two EMT’s and the Fire Department to get me back up, so I’m still laughing from the relative safety of my chair. I MUST send this one to my kids, all cat lovers as well.

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  8. rabirius says:

    The pictures is unbelievable.

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  9. Grant at Tame Your Book! says:

    Great story. It will get passed around—a lot!

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  10. ejstoo says:

    Poor cat. I take it he wasn’t hurt. We’re talking before Twitter…otherwise I can see that making a video or gif.

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  11. murisopsis says:

    I can relate to this! I had a cat that would sit on the empty kitchen chair and stealthily fish for food. He was very dainty and you’d never even suspect that something had been taken… He was omnivorous and would eat anything that he could snag – french fries, pancakes, toast, cookies, but bacon was a favorite. To avoid having it all eaten before we sat down, it was placed in the center of the table!!!

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  12. Nancy Ruegg says:

    You succeeded in making me laugh too, Mitch, and I’m sitting here all by myself. Your mom’s chicken must have been fantastic for Fat Cat to take a chance on another squashing!

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  13. Great story, Mitch.
    C. S. Lewis described dogs and cats as like the Pharisee and the publican in Luke 18, the cat being the Pharisee(hypocrite). How true. I love the “shamed dog” pictures, but I’ve never seen a photo of a shamed cat. They don’t get ashamed, they just get (rhymes with “hissed “) and as you say, they’re only nice when it benefits them.

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  14. Lil’ Chub Chub☺️

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  15. Ann Coleman says:

    That’s hysterical! It’s amazing hoe much effort animals put into getting a little extra food….

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  17. shankjoejoe says:

    Awesome Gato! 😊

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  20. lol I can almost see him in those table legs glowering while everyone was laughing their hearts out. Great imagery and descriptions. Thank-you for sharing this memory. ^_^

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  21. Ha! I can see him glowering!

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  22. fgsjr2015 says:


    My fat cat often made me wonder where

    she was at, if she just played tit-for-tat

    large and black, she really did know well that

    she lived with me, host, who really did care

    for her health yet mistakenly would dare

    to feed her foods that made her rather fat

    which accompanied her as a real brat

    along with her lasting, piercing, green stare.

    Present with that often-adoring glare

    were the frivolous acts of my sweet cat

    and she could sometimes cause me a nightmare

    in my life by after having just sat

    in her ‘space,’ then just leave—guess who’d bear

    the worry, why she was not on her mat?

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