50 Signs of Winter

We Northern Hemisphereans are deep in the throes of winter! But thank goodness there are signs to guide us through. Or, in some cases, misguide us. Then again, laughter tends to have a warming effect — so read these and have a balmy weekend!

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43 Responses to 50 Signs of Winter

  1. Gail Perry says:

    Needed that! Don’t pick on Canada though. Buffalo outdid us!❤🇨🇦

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  2. Gary Fultz says:

    We have some of those signs here. The snowplow just relocated our mailbox…again…ugh

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  3. The Hinoeuma says:

    I lost it on snot & ice. 🤣

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  4. C.A. Post says:

    Took me a minute to figure out “Brains Required” and “Poop Conditions” but then we rarely see more than a few inches in Kentucky.
    Cannot imagine the feedback Channel 23 got on their report on driving in Snot and Ice!!! 😂😂😂

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  5. C.A. Post says:

    Come to think of it, “Brains Required” might be good to post on LOTs of Kentucky roads. “Poop Conditions” are a common site in the hills here. My Canadian sister-in-law is gonna love these!

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  6. This frost defined morning,
    westwind buffets
    strums pine needles


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  7. Having a happy, marginally snowy winter here in central PA. I love the peace and beauty of a silent snowing morning. God bless, Mitch!

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  8. Michele Lee says:

    Fantastically funny Friday share! About the (b)lizzard one… I’ve seen streets in the Old Pueblo lined with lizards after a rainstorm. 🦎 Quite bizarre!

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  9. quiall says:

    You are not far wrong! This is why we Canadians have such a good sense of humour.

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  10. OK, I’m not moving to Canada, after all.

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  11. Pam Webb says:

    I so relate these, Mitch!

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  12. Perfect winter Friday smiles, Mitch!

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  13. Lots of funny images here-but I think I’m partial to the hitchhiking snowman who wants a lift to Florida. Is he suicidal, or what?

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  14. Made me smile 😊 especially the church sign to stop praying for snow ⛄️

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  15. t says:

    These are hilarious, made me think of the poor raccoon that got stuck on the railway track in Georgia. Meanwhile.. here in the southern hemisphere, we’re melting from heat..

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  16. These are hysterical. Fortunately, where we are (lower Westchester County), we haven’t gotten any snow yet. Now I probably just cursed the entire region for the next two months!

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  17. Liza says:

    These are great, 😂

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  18. Thotaramani says:

    It means in Winter you are struck inside but we should take Vitamin D by walking in woods. In Winter, I often spend some time in Nature (Sum)

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  19. These are wonderfully funny, Mitch. I love the one with the tree trying to get home to his family in the forest, and also the one about the winter of our discount tent. Both were hilarious, but it was hard to choose my favourites. I’m in the UK, and we don’t see snow like this, although a few weeks ago, we had a lot of snow, which started to melt and then froze again into solid ice. It was lethal out there, even in my wheelchair. The roads and cycle paths hadn’t even been gritted! I hope we don’t get any more this year, although February is often colder than January. We’ll have to wait and see.

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  20. Love Florida’s winter clothes! My husband wears those all year round! LOL

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  21. Jeff says:

    Love these. My favorite one is the library sign. I need to show that to the librarians I work with! Of course, this is Texas, so it rarely gets that cold.

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  22. Ann Coleman says:

    I liked the “lizard warning” sign best, until I saw the “drive with cake” one. I should always drive with cake……

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  23. apenlady says:

    I lived in ND for over ten years, there are some years this is SO true! I always joked that ND was the bottom shelf (in the original style fridge’s where the freezer was on top) of the freezer, and Canada was the top shelf.

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  24. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Maybe you could work a “Lizzard warning” sign into Notzilla 2!

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  25. Thanks for the laughs!

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  26. I actually saw the “lizzard warning” sign while driving home from work on Long Island a few years ago. Apparently someone else was taking pictures while driving. Not a good idea when I’m on the same road.
    PS–We don’t have many lizards on Long Island, so maybe some Florida wildlife was getting curious about northeastern weather.

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