Mountains, Lakes and Ghost Towns of California

Kevin HotterMy Featured Blogger this week is Kevin Hotter. Kevin and I were blogger babes when we first met, both with few enough followers to count on our fingers, no toes needed. Kevin said, “Let’s reblog each other!” So we did. Almost eight years have passed since then, and I figured it was time to feature my original blogging buddy again! Kevin is a former New York attorney who pulled up stakes and moved with his family to California. Now he’s a professional writer, comedian, and photographer — a good one. And a good guy too. You’ll see!

Kevin Hotter

June Lake, California

Hi friends! It’s been a while. Way too long, actually. Life has been super busy. But, I’m glad to be back and I hope to hear from you all.

Last week, my family and I went on a road trip to the Eastern Sierra – a remote, stunningly beautiful area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Mammoth Lakes, California

The area is filled with alpine lakes, snow capped mountains, tiny little villages, and a ghost town named Bodie. In its heyday from 1877-1882, Bodie had 10,000 residents, 60 saloons, and produced more than $35 million in gold and silver. Now, it’s just a dusty, extremely remote abandoned town in a state of arrested decay. It was a very cool place to visit.

Bodie Ghost Town, California

The last resident left Bodie in 1942, but by that time, the town was long past its glory days of the late…

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11 Responses to Mountains, Lakes and Ghost Towns of California

  1. K.L. Hale says:

    Thank you, Mitch, for sharing! How cool for you two to have had this journey together. I love ghost towns, mountains, and good people, especially!

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  2. Paula Light says:

    Wow, those pics! 🤩

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  3. Ana Daksina says:

    I’ve got a blogger best buddy who started her site when I did mine! She ended up as VP for my nonprofit, and we still exchange love messages all the time. What a journey, right?

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  4. Vignesh M says:

    Thank you for featuring Kevin here. Great write up and pictures. I have had fond memories of Eastern Sierras. I consider Sierra as one of the best places in California especially route 395. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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