Should I Celebrate My Own Birth?

Rcf1d66c88311e4aa9720f77e66957c76I hesitate to say, “It’s my birthday” because, well, merely soliciting “Congrats!” responses seems rather pointless. And, being an essayist, I always feel like I should have a point. But then, even as I type this, I realize I do.

It’s the very question implicit in my embarrassment at writing this post: Should I celebrate my own birth? My knee-jerk response, despite the fact that I’m inherently self-absorbed (i.e. a writer), is, “No, too self-absorbed!” But upon reflection, it occurs to me that this may, in fact, be one of the few occasions when it’s actually appropriate for me to celebrate myself.

I mean, there are still so many things I’m trying to fix about myself (there, you see how self-absorbed I am?), especially the one Big Thing behind all the little things—what the theologians call my “sin nature.” And yet, despite all these things. I really am glad I was born.


Because I love existing. I love having constant opportunities to grow. I love being able to love–others, that is, even if I’m sometimes rather bad at it, and, yes, even myself. But most of all, I love existing, so that I can love my Creator.

Therefore, ahem, thank you God, for giving me all of these things to do and to love. And, today at least, thank you for that first thing that made my doing all these other things possible: Thank you for, you know,


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163 Responses to Should I Celebrate My Own Birth?

  1. kindfeelings says:

    Happy belated birthday Mitch, love your positive energy and humor.

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  2. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Happy belated birthday, Mitch! You can celebrate that you’ve moved on from just existing to purposeful living as God intended for you. You’ve taken advantage of opportunities to grow into the person he designed you to be. And you express his love to those around you. Celebrate the progress from year to year!

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  3. Ola G says:

    Happy birthday, Mitch! It’s always good to have an opportunity to celebrate oneself; we all deserve it from time to time, and what’s a better occasion than birthday?

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  4. Crissy says:

    Happy Birthday 🥳

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  5. I kinda have missed the point of celebrating my birthday. Mainly because I don’t think I have accomplished much or changed at all. Every year is the same unless I change something. But then again, if there’s an event of accomplishment or change, I can celebrate it anytime, it doesn’t have to be on my birthday

    When I do celebrate my birthday, I usually celebrate it myself by eating something fancier or beyond my standard fare. That is enough for me~

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  6. Belated happy birthday, Mitch!! 😁May you continue to exist 100 birthdays more😁

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  7. Tim Harlow says:

    Happy Birthday! That was a very interesting and introspective post. All good points, and now I have a better understanding of why we celebrate birthdays. Very cool, sir!

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  9. stuff and poems says:

    Happy Birthday, Mitch 🌻

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  10. Jennie says:

    Happy birthday, Mitch!

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  11. Happy birthday to you✨!

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  12. BZA GRIOT says:

    My birthday is Tuesday and I think the same every year lol
    Happy birthday 🎉

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  13. Ofcourse you should celebrate and a very happy belated birthday 🥳🥳🥳

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  14. Rather than celebrate my birth, I look ahead and make fantastic plans ⛵🏕️🗻

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  17. JoAnn says:

    Celebrating the gift of life is a great thing. Happy birthday! 🎂🎈

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  18. Nothing arrogant or self aggrandizing about celebrating one’s own birth but especially meaningful to have lived a life wherein others celebrate it too even beyond your own death.

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  19. themeonnblog says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Mitch!

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  20. Happy birthday Mitch! I hope it was great! 🎉

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  21. Me, I celebrate cake on those days… I otherwise tend to forget how old I am but the blaze is getting bigger so… 🙂

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  22. kegarland says:

    HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! And now…you can wish me one lol It was 5/23 😉

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