A Filmmaker’s Journal

World’s Biggest Little Monster Movie Enters Pre-Production!


(Teaser video below)

We’ve entered pre-production on my late 50s/early 60s era B-picture monster movie spoof Notzilla. Which means long hours, too much to do in too little time (casting, hiring, location scouting, prop building) and, oh, yeah, fun! Because if you can’t have fun making a movie called Notzilla, something is seriously laughably wrong. While not a faith-based movie like my last feature (Over-the-Rhine), Notzilla will be a family friendly comedy with a bit of an underlying message (when do I not have something to say, right?).

As during the making of Over-the-Rhine, I’ll be cutting back on longer blog posts, reposting old faves, and visiting my blogger friends on a more catch-as-catch-can basis. So here’s my “cereal apology” in advance: sorry about the flakiness!

Seven years ago, in order to help find funding, some friends and I shot a zero budget quickie one-day teaser trailer, using household toys, and neighbors as extras. Our budget for the feature Notzilla is precisely a gazillion times more (although precisely two hundred gazillion times less than the upcoming Hollywood Godzilla sequel), so it’ll be a full professional production. Which is a relative term when you’re talking about a wildly over-the-top farce with a guy in a rubber suit on a miniature set! Here’s the Teaser:

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35 Responses to A Filmmaker’s Journal

  1. Love that damn poster!!!! Hope your production rocks!

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  2. revruss1220 says:

    VERY cool! And congratulations. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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  3. Jeff Haberman says:

    Hey Mitch!
    Keep me posted as to your production time-frame. I want to figure out my travel plans to Ohio!

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  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    Your sense of humor and proficiency in writing amazes me. You apparently love your art, since you give so much to it.

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  5. Niki Flow says:

    That was fun to watch. Congrats on full production. I’m guessing being in full production is a lot like having a newborn as far as how much sleep / free time / life you actually have? =) My friends and I were into making amateur films when I was in high school. Rather, my visionary friend was, I just went along for the ride and to get on camera and be famous in my mom’s living room. Once your film is ready, I’ll help you push it any way I can. Very creative! ♥.

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  6. I look forward to post production. I just know this is going to be good. Knock em out, Mitch. God bless you.

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  7. It’s gonna be a fun movie!

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  8. That…is funny to me! May God’s favor be upon you and your project.

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  9. Too funny! Love your sense of humor… even your little witticisms in your post cracked me up…”So here’s my “cereal apology” in advance: sorry about the flakiness!” Yup. I love a good pun! No worries about posting. I’ll “gobble up” your re-posts! 😉

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  10. Mitch,
    Grapenuts have no flakes. I loved the Trailer. Now, go out there and entertain us with more extras.
    My best to you on the venture.

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  11. Ann Coleman says:

    Enjoy your work on the film! And we’ll be here when you get back!

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  12. Looking forward to seeing more on this project!

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  13. Gary Fultz says:

    Four of our grandkids roll their eyes when I mention being extras but they like it. Their dad teaches college students A-Z film making (my rendition of 4 years of classes at WKU) so they get volunteered. Glad you make all that hard work fun. The oldest (16) is an artist. She seemed confused the other day when I told her she was a “Character”… Good stuff Mitch

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  14. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Not usually a fan of spoofs, but this is HILARIOUS, Mitch! Well done!

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  15. *What the World Needs*

            More silliness from
            those who know they are silly;
            less from the others.

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  16. Love it! I’ll have to show it to my son. He used to make monster movies with his friends, too.
    Hey, where in Ohio are you? And did you really do some filming in Kentucky? (We live in Louisville.)

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  17. gpavants says:

    Have fun, Mitch.

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