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This is What Real Life Looks Like

Originally posted on Live 4 Him:
This is not my normal type of post. As a matter of fact I never have and may never again create a post like this. It is not my calling to do reviews or promote…

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Now We Are Six

Today is My 6th Blogiversary! According to development experts, a healthy 6-year-old will: Speak in complete sentences of five to seven words. Actually, I’m working on getting it under 100 words: Q. “What’s that?” A. “Funny you should ask, because … Continue reading

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A Film That Inspired Me

Originally posted on The Jolly Beggar:
In response to SandmanJazz’s 30 Day Film Challenge today, to wit, a film that inspired you, I like his repartee to the prompt: “Inspired me to what?🤣” Exactly. Inspired me to what? And that…

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Summer Colors in the Forest

Originally posted on Day-To-Day Photography:
My Featured Blogger this week is freelance writer-photographer Pitchurman of Day-to-Day Photography. I don’t know Pitchurman’s “real” name, but then this Alabama-based artist’s self-description concludes with the words “first and always a photographer.” And quite a picture-man he is. Although … Continue reading

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Originally posted on a rambling collective:
This story was first published on the Dime Show Review website. Photo by Shane Avery on Unsplash We thought it was a game. A competition. Training. Preparation for the future.??Every week, we got a…

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Tips for Writers: The Power of Ironic Reversals

Dramatic tension is the key to an engaging storyline—or even an essay or blog post, for that matter. This takes the form of rising action, a series of reversals (escalating problems or crises) that must be resolved. These keep us, … Continue reading

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A Walk In The Park: An Exercise in Characterization

Originally posted on All The Shoes I Wear:
From the shoes I wore in the Writers Guild. (We breathe life into our stories by showing  instead of telling. Paint a picture with your words that transports the reader. – Laura…

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Reflection of Light – Look, See, Pray

Originally posted on Look, See, Pray:
Not every experience, photograph or person has to be outstandingly dynamic. Ordinary is good. We have become addicted to the buzz of adrenaline. Bigger, better, faster, louder, brighter- and usually more expensive to us…

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Welcome Summer Solstice

Originally posted on The Myth of Trees:
A Likely Lake In Summer Time Paul Laurence Dunbar – 1872-1906 (The author of numerous collections of poetry and prose; he was one of the first African American poets to gain national recognition.) When summer…

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Use Your Stories to Heal

In my fantasy novel The Wishing Map, a fierce impromptu battle breaks out between two groups of naims (gnomes) in the midst of a storytelling contest. One beloved old naim, Tuber, is fatally injured while trying to make peace. His … Continue reading

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