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A Heart in Pain

Originally posted on Benyapoesy:
Agony. I dress it in suits. We take long walks in the park, on the streets at the calmest places giving the weirdest look. How this might come up? I have no idea. Nothing is weird…

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Writer’s Block

Originally posted on Ellie Thompson's World:
I’ve been sitting here all day, staring at the clockI’m trying to write a poem, but I’ve got writer’s blockI’ve got several partly written, but none of them seem rightAs I’m looking at…

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Normal Life

Originally posted on Walking the path:
(3-minute read) My brother Steve tells the story of his first visit with a new doctor. He told her, “Doctor, I want to let you know that I smoke too much, drink too much,…

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Patient Optimism

Originally posted on Liza Hartman Design:
“An optimist understands that life can be a bumpy road…” – Harvey Mackay “Choose to be optimistic. It feels better.”  – Dalai Lama Creating an illustration is a lot like baking a cake. Similar…

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How an Idea Takes Root and Persists

Skip to content My Featured Blogger this week is Austrian artist Friedrich Zettl. I admit to being picky about abstract art. Too often, it seems, there is little going on in abstract art but abstraction. The opposite is true of … Continue reading

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Underwater Surprise… A Clone for a Date … A Son’s Love … and more Facts!

Originally posted on Nuggets of Gold:
1. What else may be hidden underwater? 2. Hmmm…how often do we miss the significance of what is right in front of us? 3 Who wants to go mining? 4. Soo guys, what do…

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Ants Doing Yoga

Originally posted on John Malone:
Ants Doing Yoga I was watching ants filing back and forth the other day When two pulled ovef for a chat; and I wondered how it was They knew each other seeing they all look…

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My Works In-Progress

Notzilla Comic in-progress I’m afraid I’ll be a spotty blogger (“splogger”?) throughout the end of this week while I focus on upcoming projects — one of which involves working with our illustrators on the comic book version of my feature … Continue reading

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The Weeds

Originally posted on Poet Rummager:
I don’t make wishes anymore. They float away. Unrestrained Clutching the earth Sinking teeth into dirt Sprouting into monsters Once held in captivity Now wild and rampant Behold the weeds of my iniquity. _____________________________________________ Psalm…

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World Kindness Day

Originally posted on Driving Toward the Morning Sun:
November 13 is World Kindness Day, which was established in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement.? The idea and importance of kindness is of course, much older, as well as the struggle…

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