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Here’s the paradox in Jesus’ teaching: What I want I must give. But I don’t have it to give because I am incomplete. Remember? So what must I do? I must let him invade me, must let him live in … Continue reading

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Happiness is Nowhere

Happiness is nowhere. Happiness is now  here. What’s the difference?  Only air which sometimes fills the space for years   We hope that happiness will come although its presence may be fleeting They say it lingers long for some but others … Continue reading

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Displaced Poet

Originally posted on Pitching Pennies Poetry:
for Joseph Brodsky who said: “The dolce vita is chocolate and champagne.” He bought bread in the little shop on the corner, had it wrapped mostly for the mystery and the precious paper, a…

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A Satisfied Cat

It’s hoodie weather. Finally! (I’m a t-shirt guy, but a t-shirt without a hoodie is like tights without a cape, right?)  Anyway, as I sat hoodied and warm in my armchair this morning, an afghan draped across my legs (knitted, … Continue reading

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This Summer

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The Good Mosquito

As summer draws to a conclusion (in my hemisphere, at least), here’s a (sort of) tribute to the season’s least appreciated occupant. I dreamed I was a fat mosquito and thought it not a sin to drain the blood of … Continue reading

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Dream Logic

Originally posted on Mitch Teemley:
I dreamed I’d flown to London. I was about to call my wife to tell her, “Honey, we’ve landed safely,” when the alarm went off. My first thought was, I’ll leave her a message, but…

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