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The Best Movies of 2022

This list (after posters below) is highly subjective. Not only haven’t I seen every movie released last year, and very few foreign language films (in the U.S. most are released after the Oscars), but “Bests” are always a matter of … Continue reading

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Future Movie Settings

Three years ago in the thick of the pandemic, my co-producer wife Trudy and I started countering our cabin fever by scouting potential film locations. During these outings we capture images from our beautiful and historical southwest Ohio/northern Kentucky area. … Continue reading

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Dream Vacation

Dreaming about where you’ll go on vacation this year? Check this out: You can rent this awesome boat out of Singapore! It comes with a full crew, and even a personal chef! Only one problem … (wait for it) … … Continue reading

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The Most Memorable Year of My Life

My Real Memoir Not until my wedding, 21 years later, did I have another year that was so packed with personal memories. I’d fallen in love with music just as the Beatles and ensuing British Invasion hit, and started learning … Continue reading

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My Surreal Moment with Mr. Reagan

You can visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland by dodging the trolley, forgoing Goofy’s autograph, and hanging a hard right. As the curtains draw back, Mr. Lincoln rises painfully (you would too if your feet were bolted to … Continue reading

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The Day the Magic Died

My Real Memoir One of my earliest movie memories is of The Wizard of Oz, which if you’re like me you’ve probably seen too many times to count. As a kid I’d prayed for a tornado, an admittedly rare event in … Continue reading

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My Works In-Progress

Notzilla Comic in-progress I’m afraid I’ll be a spotty blogger (“splogger”?) throughout the end of this week while I focus on upcoming projects — one of which involves working with our illustrators on the comic book version of my feature … Continue reading

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Rebel Without Applause

Rebel Without a Cause, Eden Cried, James Dean, me (the resemblance is uncanny, right?) My Real Memoir I’d just graduated from 8th Grade. My teacher Mrs. Chamberlain had written in my yearbook, “Dear Mitch, take advantage of your ability and … Continue reading

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The Year I Invented Myself

My first actor headshots, age 14 My Real Memoir Almost the moment we hit our teens, we become sentient beings. Before that we’re racoons: too clever for our own good (or at least our parents’ good), and basically untamable. Not … Continue reading

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This Little Light of Mine

A Filmmaker’s Journal Five years ago an independent production company agreed to finance my “compelling little story of forgiveness” as one of eight feature films for limited release to a faith-based audience. Thrilled, I wrote, directed, and produced the movie … Continue reading

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