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Castles in the Air

Which type are you? P.S. That’s a photo (not a painting) of a real hot air balloon created by a renowned European craftsman. He dreamed it and built it! “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, … Continue reading

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How to Draw Women

I drew a lot of things when I was a young man. Mosquitos. Criticism. But women? Not so much. Dude, if I’d realized it was this easy, I’d have paid way more attention in art class!

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Be Real

Be real. There’s a world full of people out there who’ve forgotten how. Be the person who shows them. Be you.

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Caption this Photo

Mount Tushmore? Potential U. S. Supreme Court nominees? Mount Rushmore seen from the Canadian side? American voters during the upcoming elections? ∴ Now it’s your turn! All suggestions appreciated. I promise not to take you for granite (rim shot).

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Unintended Messages

God: “Keep up the good work, folks. But about that marquee…” Associate: “May I help–“ Customer: “No! Thanks, I’m good!” Can a nature film show too much nature? I don’t know, that just seems wrong, eh. And do not, repeat … Continue reading

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The Good Mosquito

As summer draws to a conclusion (in my hemisphere, at least), here’s a (sort of) tribute to the season’s least appreciated occupant. I dreamed I was a fat mosquito and thought it not a sin to drain the blood of … Continue reading

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I think I have an extra “Why?” chromosome.       For good or for bad, I was born a skeptic. My mother tells me (true story) that I was expelled from pre-school for repeatedly questioning the teacher. If we … Continue reading

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