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My Next Big Box-Office Hit?

Horror thrillers and Movies for Women are among the most successful movie genres. Could this be my next big hit: A Filmmaker’s Journal 2020 was my biggest year ever as a filmmaker. Oddly enough, thanks to the-pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named, I had three … Continue reading

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Livin’ Large at Age Eleven

(Not my actual family) My Real Memoir It was New Year’s Eve. But I was only eleven, so it would be at least two more years before I was allowed to attend a Real Party. The moment we stepped into … Continue reading

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Summer Treats on Wheels!

My Real Memoir Along with camping and roller rinks, I associate summer with delivery trucks. Huh? Sure, delivery guys were there year-round; the proverbial off-color tease was to suggest a particular young and attractive mom’s kids looked “an awful lot … Continue reading

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Shakespeare on Roller Skates

My Real Memoir Sometime during my pre-teen years, I discovered a magical place that combined two of my favorite things: Wheels and Girls. I lived on wheels; if I wasn’t on my bike, I was on my skateboard. I liked … Continue reading

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Making Something Real

Five years ago this month, we dared to enter our not-yet-finished movie Healing River (then titled after its setting, Cincinnati’s gritty inner-city neighborhood Over-the-Rhine) in the world’s largest Christian film festival. It was my first feature film as a writer-director-producer, … Continue reading

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Beware of Children Telling Jokes

My Real Memoir By age 11, my TV taste had become quite sophisticated. When I came home from school I’d watch refined fare like Leave It to Beaver, Mr. Ed, Bugs Bunny, and my favorite, the inimitable Rocky & Bullwinkle … Continue reading

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The Year I Began to Figure Out Who I Was

My Real Memoir The only thing I knew for sure when I started 6th Grade was that I was a dreamer. Most boys, it seemed, were drawn to physical things, games and sports. But not me. I let my head … Continue reading

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My Own Private Easter

‘A Boy in the Forest’ by Pikila This is an excerpt from Fool’s Odyssey, an autobiographical narrative I wrote some years back, based on a journal I’d kept as a young man searching for the meaning of life. It seems … Continue reading

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The Jesus Lady

My Real Memoir I grew up in a thoroughly secular home. God was simply never the topic of conversation. I literally didn’t know that Christmas was named for Christ. And Easter? Well, it was about eating chocolate bunnies and egg … Continue reading

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The Boy with Two Brains

My Real Memoir Many of my memoir posts have had a Tom Sawyer-ish tone, provoking “Oh, you had such an idyllic childhood!” responses. But in the last couple of months, there’ve been darker entries. In the past two weeks, I … Continue reading

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