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Binge-Watching Spring

Spring break is over. Which means my college-student daughter is getting dressed (changing into her studious pajamas) and heading back to school (returning to the laptop in her bedroom). I’ve enacted the following changes: _______. Yep, nothing’s changed at my … Continue reading

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“Doing Church” at Home

Yesterday, my wife and I propped ourselves up on a pew (bed) and tuned into an online worship service. This is how people “do church” in 2020 QA (the Quarantine Age). But it wasn’t new to us. Back in the … Continue reading

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

My wife and I are celebrating our 35th engagement anniversary tonight. Quietly and intimately, with a candle-lit dinner and a bottle of our favorite wine, at the most exclusive eatery in town: our house. You may have caught the reference … Continue reading

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Hope is More Virulent than Fear

It was our last “normal” day together. Sunday (after online church, hmm), we ate at a favorite local restaurant (remember those?), and watched a movie at a local theater (remember those?). It was The Invisible Man, an excellent film about … Continue reading

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Be the Tree!

The incident below occurred years ago when Cleveland’s rep was at an all-time low. More recently, my wife and I spent a wonderful weekend there, strolling the art deco boulevards, eating great meals, and exploring the inimitable Rock & Roll … Continue reading

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Remember Your Future

Marcel Proust spent 13 years writing and expanding his 7-volume autobiographical novel, obsessing over getting it just right, at leaving nothing out. And then no one would publish it. So he published it himself. It became one of the most … Continue reading

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On Earth as It Is in Heaven

We’re all a little bit racist. And sexist. And ageist. And dozens of other-things-ist. An ist is simply a bias or leaning, either away from or toward something. We lean toward what we know, and away from what we don’t. … Continue reading

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