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Love is the Greatest Healer

“Love cures people. Both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.” ~ Karl A. Menninger

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Baby Boomers vs. Gen X vs. Millennials

Originally posted on shakemyheadhollow:
You can find the arguments all over the Internet – baby boomers broke America, millennials are aimless and self-absorbed, etc. Let me try to put the competition to rest. All of these arguments have one thing…

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My Thanksgiving Prayer

My Thanksgiving prayer is for perfect peace, for atheists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, for all to sit down at the glorious feast, attained by the most incomparable news of a King who called us sisters and brothers, forgiving our foolish, desperate … Continue reading

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Honest Flower|گل راستی

Originally posted on A Voice from Iran:
First published: Sep.08.2017 The greatest moments of my childhood were all the beautiful fairy tales that my mother told us as we fell asleep. All the stories that I share in my blog…

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In Him is Life

May your life reflect that light. Always.

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Few objects are so suffused with meaning. They’re seldom “just windows.” They are symbols of the past or of the future. Of possibilities, or missed opportunities. They taunt us with freedom. Or separate the unruly world outside from the neat … Continue reading

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Astonishing Sculptures

This collection of sculptures (I got carried away, I confess!) surprises us: with scale (immense, tiny), with unexpected locations, with uncanny realism, with skewed perceptions…or with sheer unclassifiability! (Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slideshow)

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