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So Many Holidays, So Little Time!

“Look, brothers, I painted a selfie!” Thought for the Week Hey, it’s Cyber Monk Day–why is everybody shopping online when we should be deep in spiritual contemplation…about all the money we’ve spent? Yes, I know it’s Cyber Monday. It’s just … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving Tree (beautifully decorated and photographed by my wife Trudy). On Thanksgiving Day we’ll add strips of paper with our family’s 2022 “I’m thankful fors” artfully calligraphed onto them (also Trudy’s work). And, yes, soon thereafter the tree will … Continue reading

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Everyday Heroes

The word hero implies courage and sacrifice. It’s natural and appropriate to think of the military (today is Veterans Day in my country), as well as fire fighters and first responders of all kinds. But there are quiet heroes, too, … Continue reading

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Think History is Boring? Think Again!

History is Our-story. If it seems boring or irrelevant, it’s only because we’ve forgotten that. Here are some fascinating (and a few snarky) facts you might not know. Wishing you one of “History’s Greatest Weeks!” Click on any image to … Continue reading

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Why The Beatles Are Still Relevant

Originally posted on PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture:
This is my 5th-year anniversary on WP. Thank you all for still reading and commenting.? This was part of Dave’s at A Sound Day “Turntable Talk” series…hope you like it.…

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Blog Paralysis

Originally posted on Ben's Bitter Blog:
I know I keep talking about my trip to Scotland, but it’s mostly because I need to brag that I got to go there, and you didn’t. Mostly though, it was a once-in-a-lifetime…

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Change the Future

Thought for the Week “You’re an author, and the stories you write are penned across the hearts of your children. Therefore, be careful with the pen because you’re writing on some very precious paper.” ~Craig D. Lounsbrough “The way we … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fall, er, Autumn, er, Falltumn

Today is the first day of autumn (in my hemisphere), one of the most unpredictable days of the year.  True, this year it’s been almost sardonically on-the-nose (where I live): yesterday was a blazing final summer day in the 90s, … Continue reading

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Your Purpose

Thought for the Week: “The purpose of your life did not begin with you, and it will not end with you.” ~The Wishing Map

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Sinking Sand

Photo by Dan Grinwis Thought for the Week I was an atheist, and insufferably superior about it. I considered myself more rational, more progressive than my naïve religious friends. But there was one thing I couldn’t explain: The Wallaces. They … Continue reading

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