Stories with a Message.  A little wit.  A little wisdom.  That’s it.  Not always funny, but more often than not (I was born with an indelible smirk).

Re. Blogging Awards: I used to do these, and was truly grateful for nominations. But now I leave them to those who are still building a following, preferring to visit their award posts and cheer them on. “Yay!” (I know, overexplaining, right?)

Posting Schedule

  • Memoir Mondays – Stories from and about life.
  • Topical Tuesdays – Whatever’s on my mind or in my heart.
  • Win-Win Wednesdays – Featured Bloggers whose words shine light or laughter on this darkened but still beautiful world.
  • Throwback Thursdays – Still tweaking this one. It may change if I come up with a better alliteration.
  • Photoblog Fridays – Thematic collections of images, with accompanying thoughts and quotes.
  • Satirical Saturdays – Or not, if I’m in a serious mood.
  • Sundays – No rhyme, no alliteration. Short, heartfelt meditations on the infinite.
  • Pastors and Teachers – you’ll find sermon ideas, plus links to church dramas and videos, here.

About Me

I’m a storyteller (writer, filmmaker, public speaker) with the audacity to believe others might actually want to read or watch the things I come up with. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wise and gorgeous wife Trudy. Together we’ve created our magnum opi: two clever, adorable daughters. I’m also president of a production company called Moriah Media.

Additional bio snippets can be found in posts under the Categories headings of Memoir and Fool’s Odyssey (a serialized autobiographical poem).

The Wishing Map –  You can read my serialized young adult fantasy novel from start to finish by clicking here.

Film project updates (“A Filmmaker’s Journal” entries) can be found here.

About the Content

I make no claim to being a source of wisdom, but am a frequent carrier, and an infector of others.  My passion, what gets me out of bed in the morning (besides my wife and hungry pets), is speaking truth into others’ lives.  Hence, you’ll find Bible quotes (I’m a Jesus follower), along with direct or indirect references to Pascal, Chesterton, Merton, C.S. Lewis, Evelyn Underhill, and many other scientists, mystics, and storytellers.

257 Responses to About

  1. ellie894 says:

    Thank you for the follow. I am joyfully surprised and honored when someone takes the time to read my thoughts. I look forward to reading more of yours. ☺️You have a great way of alternating between humor and inspiration.

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  2. It’s nice you found my blog, and now I see yours:) Nice to see a writer who loves God:) Me too.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Thanks for stopping by my page!

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  4. The Meta-Bug says:

    Thanks for checking out The Meta-Bug. The plural of opus is “opera.”

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  5. Iulia Halatz says:

    Hi, I would like to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. If it interests you, the link is here: https://blogdecompanie.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/one-lovely-blog-award-1/.
    Please take your time. I would respect whatever is your decision for participating or not. Just please know that I do take delight in your blog and I value all the effort and imagination you put into it. Yours sincerely, Iulia.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. First of all thank you so much for the likes for my daughter and myself. This is all new to her and I have only posted maybe 6 months. We are enjoying building into the blogging community.The Caterpillars Don’t…is sweet! Have you written a full testimony story about your life? Also…going to be in Cinci on Aug 5 if you happen to be at the Kayak race on the river!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • mitchteemley says:

      Welcome to the blogosphere, both of you! I haven’t written a book-length testimony, but I do frequent Memoir posts (that’s one of my Categories), so there is a piecemeal testimony of sorts scattered throughout the blog site. We’re aware of the kayak race in August, but haven’t made it so far. Remind me when it gets close and maybe I can drop by. Blessings!

      Liked by 1 person

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  8. Jing Sebastian says:

    Thanks for hitting like in one of my posts.
    Your bio is encouraging. 🙂

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  9. couchmagpie says:

    Hi Mitch. Thanks for checking out couchmagpie.com – hope to see you there again sometime 🙂

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  10. KJ Smith says:

    Thank you for stopping by A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far on your site and look forward to reading more.

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  12. literarylew says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today. Hope to see you again. Pleased to see with your blog that you are a person of faith also. Hope to see you again.

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  13. Desisoularts says:

    Thanks for visiting https://desisoulart.wordpress.com/ and liking my post!! Good luck on your endeavours!

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  14. lmvandyke says:

    I am new to blogging and hence not sure of blogging protocol. I appreciate your reading my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed. I am enjoying your site as well.

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  15. billtonnis says:

    Hi Mitch…so you live in Cincinnati? I do as well. In your film work…do you have any interest in making use of any original, spiritual music? I saw you have an interest in Merton and he was a major influence on me, my writing and spirituality. My songs are all on YouTube.

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  16. Thanks for connecting with me! What’s your mission in life?

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  17. Happy to connect sir!!

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  18. Happened across your blog and really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more!

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  19. Ok…I can get into this stuff. Thanks.

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  20. M.G. Daniel says:

    Hi Mitch. I have a blogging related question, wondering if you had encountered any issues with, but can’t see a way to contact you. Do you have any recent issues with notifications? Can you leave me a message on my Contact page.

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  22. Sveta says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope to see you back soon!

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  23. greenpete58 says:

    Mitch, glad I discovered your blog. It’s very well-written and thought-provoking. From what I’ve seen so far, we have things in common (music, philosophies) and other things not in common (religion, philosophies). And, amazingly, we’re both live in the same town (Cincinnati). Anyway, I look forward to future discussions and debates, and thanks for visiting Longitudes!

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  24. RLoy says:

    Thanks for liking my post on Luke 2:1-18 (thegamutblog.wordpress.com)!

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  25. Thanks for liking my post “Solid Ground”. Your blog inspires me!

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  26. Lee Manale says:

    Mitch, thanks so much for following my blog! I’m enjoying yours tremendously; you share so many sides of yourself — your humor, wisdom, heart and faith. Very inspiring and encouraging!

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  27. pilgrimswife says:

    Thanks for the like and for stopping by my tiny corner of the “blog-o-sphere”. I really enjoyed reading your bio and the train phobia story. As a teen I lived in rural NC and those country rail crossings on a foggy night — well, that will put the fear of God into you~!

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  28. rfparker says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog Mitch, and thanks for the likes! I used to live in Cincinnati myself. My son was born at Good Samaritan. We lived in Mt. Lookout for awhile before buying a house in Pleasant Ridge. I was a creative guy at Young & Rubicam, when they had an office there. I really loved living there and I still buy Skyline Chili at Kroger here in Atlanta, and do my best to replicate a Three-Way the way they served it in Cincy! Cheers and Peace.

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  29. johnlmalone says:

    Hi MItch

    Your name popped up on an old blog that I had lost but fortunately a lovely lady found it this morning and returned it to me. Remember ‘Big Blue Mouth’?

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  30. JOY journal says:

    I’m honored you are reading. Thank you. (I, too, was born with a smirk.)

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  31. I am slowly making my way through your catalog of posts, and I have to say – I’m enjoying every moment.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Branded says:

    I appreciate your posts. I get paranoid when I read about unoriginal authors, though. I’m not well read and really, I probably sound just like everyone else. Please reassure me! 🙂

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  33. Thank you, my enlightened friend, for the unexpected like ❤

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  34. swallowsdancing says:

    Hi, thanks for liking my first blog post! I look forward to reading yours too.

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  35. Understood! It is time-consuming, and will probably be my last. 😉

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  36. Thank you for the follow! I’ve just begun exploring your site, and I’ll be back.

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  37. Mitch, I want to thank you for following our blog. We are honored that you would take the time to read our stuff. Please feel free to comment as feedback is the key to success and progress. Again, thank you for following. We thought that you were already following us.

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  38. Frank Haviland says:

    Dear Mitch,

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Looks like you have been doing this for ages, I’m looking through your posts now with interest.

    Keep up the good work!


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  39. Thanks for stopping by my page!

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  40. Thanks for stopping by my page. I’m enjoying reading your posts!

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  41. Hi Mitch,
    You won on of the Bible Studies in the Giveaway!
    Please go to my contact page and send me an email with your address in it and I will mail it out to you!

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  43. Niki Flow says:

    I enjoyed this glimpse into what made the man, Mitch. Thanks for sharing this story. ♥.

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  44. Hey, refreshing space here. Love that you are honest, and real. And creative! I’m back to blogging after a bit, love writing the short meaningful story (been in Christian broadcast and slum work, and some:) somewhere the writer in me got knocked out. Maybe I’ll start again. God bless you for being His lighthouse.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Looks quite unique and interesting. Overall a great attempt.

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  46. chaddamitz says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and commenting on my blog. Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Hi! I just went through this and I must say, you’ve put a lot of work into what you’re doing and it’s great!. Your bio really encouraged me and I can’t wait to read more. X

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Thanks for dropping by and liking one of my posts, Mitch! Reading your stuff is really inspiring! You’re an old hat at this and most definitely know what you are doing! Great job! I am just beginning to allow myself to be vulnerable enough to allow others to read my words.

    Liked by 1 person

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