Aging Gracefully

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e79ddc5c480d4ac70d41ca041b58c773My Featured Blogger this week is Scarlett Carson of Scarlett’s BPD Corner. Diagnosed with BPD, graphic artist and writer Scarlett has learned to make lemonade from lemons by exploring life, our world, and the power of hope through her extraordinary gifts.

Scarlett's BPD Corner

Oh, to age gracefully. How many times have you heard this term? It seems that we hear/read it more and more these days, as people seem to be obsessed with physical beauty, cosmetic surgery, non-invasive procedures, etc.

How many times do we see celebrities be praised for how flawless they still look when they are older or put down for how older they look than their age? Don’t body shame, body positivity but that is okay. Especially if we don’t like the person. However, if the people of the opposing political wing do it, they are evil and low.

People rejoice in seeing people looking not that good and not youthful. Like that is a crime. It’s not. Life is like that sometimes and they probably just decided to not enhance themselves surgically or in some way along those lines.

So many people who are praised, just enhanced their appearance…

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11 Responses to Aging Gracefully

  1. Scarlett give me hope that aging ungracefully is okay too.

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  2. Scarlett says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging! I appreciate it a lot. I am very flattered.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about aging, Scarlett. And thanks, Mitch, for giving others the opportunity to voice their opinions to a broader audience.

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  4. Thank you for expressing your words and opinions, Scarlett. And thank you, Mitch, for sharing this on your platform.

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  5. Mitch, thanks for sharing Scarlett’s post.

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