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7fa7be9fa29efd8a5c0289c10f6d65ecMy Featured Blogger this week is Aaysid of Outrageously Erratic. I know little about Aaysid, “a science person” who lives in a different part of the world than me, except that their “stormy head” is full of “random bits and pieces,” and, oh, can I relate.

Outrageously Erratic

I no longer know where

I am supposed to go,

but the world is still in motion,

and it feels inane to live

with a terrible, crippling feeling

of profound dissociation

that doesn’t subside even when

a strong dose of reality

hits the cubital vein…

I speak my mind

and it makes tiny ripples

in the placid waters

that on the surface remain,

and the heart behaves

like a wildflower-

it wilts in autumn,

acts coy in winter,

and blooms only in the rain;

there has to be a cure

for such madness somewhere

for not a thing here lasts forever,

not even the chronic pain.


“Forever has no meaning when you’re living in the moment. I wasn’t ready for that moment to end.”
Ellen Hopkins

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2 Responses to Effervescent

  1. Aaysid says:

    Thank you so much, Mitch. Thanks to your blog, I have discovered many brilliant writers to read, and I feel honoured to be your featured blogger of the week.

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