Hardness of Heart


Thought for the Week

Do you suffer from Hardness of Heart?* Millions do. In fact, HOH is the world’s number one preventable cause of spiritual death. Progressive symptoms include but are not limited to: dull ears and dim eyes (Isaiah 6:10), darkened understanding (Ephesians 4:18), diminished compassion (Deuteronomy 15:7, Matthew 19:18), and frequent trips to do evil (Jeremiah 16:12).

If you’re experiencing (and causing others to experience) HOH, you need Confessitall®.

Confessitall® is made from all-natural ingredients, including pulverized pride, raw humility, and pure pharmaceutical grade gratitude. It can be taken in unlimited doses as often as needed, and is free of charge through the Eternal Assurance program (1 Peter 2:24). To learn more, dial 1-800-P-R-A-Y-E-R and ask for Sinner Assistance.

What happens when you take Confessitall®? According to the Manufacturer, patients experience immediate forgiveness and cleansing from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). Long range benefits include: replacement of the old stone aorta with a freshly grown heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26). Side effects include: Joy-peace-kindness-hope-renewed-sense-of-purpose-newfound-patience-toward-others (even the really annoying ones) and-too-many-other-things-to-mention-in-this-too-fast-to-follow-anyway-voiceover-so-ask-the-holy-spirit-to-fill-you-in-amen.

Are you human? If so, you should be taking Confessitall®. Unless you’re perfect, which, like, only one Guy ever was, so…

Ask your doctor if Confessitall® is right for you. If he or she says no, well… Why are you asking your doctor, anyway?

Talk to God today.

*This piece is available as a performable monologue from my publisher SkitGuys.com.

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41 Responses to Hardness of Heart

  1. Love this. I guess some like me often need a double dose on certain days!🤣😉

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  2. God knows our sin. He wants us to know it too and turn from it. It’s an amazing, loving aspect of who He is. Thanks, Mitch. God bless!

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  3. Hopefully, Confessitall will be formulated into a multivitamin since everyone is deficient in this very important nutrient for spiritual growth. Thanks, Mitch, for letting us know all about it.

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  4. Laura Alyse says:

    Love this, lol!! Like many diseases HOH, takes work, constant renewing of baptismal promises, and soul seeking restoration. Sign me up, oh Lord, Have Mercy on us all you from time to time forget your unending grace & Glory

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  5. Abe Austin says:

    Hilarious, Mitch! It’s impressive that you sell the joke AND the message so well at the same time!

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  6. Really enjoyed reading your article for the day! Putting on love and mercy helps too!

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  7. OMGOODNESS! This is Brilliant Mitch! Love it!!!!💕

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  8. DarkerMatter says:

    Fantastic! So well done ❤️

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  9. So love this!!! ☺

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  10. Now THERE’S a commercial I would love to see on TV.

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  11. Linda Lee @LadyQuixote says:

    Confessitall sounds great. But what do you do if your lawyer advises you to remain silent?

    I’ve been selected to serve on a jury again. I wonder if we can get the defendant to Confessitall…

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  12. #hood says:

    # of verses in jeremiah 41


  13. Thotaramani says:

    Well Mitch! Every time posting blogs from the Bright side and in a hilarious way. God bless you with all the happiness and love.

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  14. Grant at Tame Your Book! says:

    Confessitall® also cures “attitude sclerosis.” 💊

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  15. The most important medical solution on the market today…Confessitall®. Thanks for advertising it, Mitch!

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  16. Confession, humility, and gratitude: an unbeatable combination!

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  17. Love it! Too cool, too funny, yet so very true.

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  18. Love this. Are you taking confessions? 🤣

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  19. successbmine says:

    I love your sense of humor, Mitch, and the unique way you have of using it to convey spiritual truths of great import.

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  20. Mitch! You made me laugh! “Pure pharmaceutical grade gratitude!” – just perfect! Thank you!

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  21. Ann Coleman says:

    Yep! Your life will be so much better if you talk to him on a regular basis….

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  22. Jennie says:

    The most important thing I do every day is to assure that children will never suffer from hardness of the heart.

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