Helping Others Worship God With Their Whole Being

I previously served as Director of Worship at a large church, and this was my manifesto:

We’re called to love our Creator with “all our hearts and souls and might” (Deuteronomy 6:5), in other words with our whole being. We should worship that way too. These Seven Points can assist us in helping others to fulfill that calling:

  1. Be a worshipper. Paul Baloche reminds us that “the flow (of a worship service) begins in the heart.” We must seek God in every aspect of our lives, and then continue our worship by drawing others into his presence. People should see our Creator in us, and say, “I want that, too!”
  2. Worship is a response. It doesn’t begin with us. The key Bible words for worship are reactions: Shachah (Hebrew) means to “fall” or “prostrate” ourselves in His presence. Proskuneo (Greek) means to “lick,” suggesting an animal’s adoring response to a loving master. Our Creator loves us! How can we not respond?
  3. Find the flow. Like a river of living water, worship already exists. But to fully experience it, we must dive in! A true worship facilitator helps people find that river. And not just through music or prayer; teachers, too, can reveal God’s character, making others want to dive in!
  4. Allow breathing space. No matter how structured worship time may be—and structure is good—there should also be room for a sensitive teacher or leader to say, “Wait—let’s pray now or simply wait on the Lord.”
  5. Be a bridge. God’s representatives are called in I Chronicles 23:13 to both build and in a sense be bridges, forming connections between God and his followers. Or, to use a different metaphor, to be matchmakers, drawing people into their Creator’s arms.
  6. Remove obstacles. Anything that blocks the bridge should be removed or reconfigured: busyness, clunky transitions, poker-faced singers—anything. Our goal is to lead worshippers on a journey to the heart of God, one with as few switch-backs and potholes as possible. Clear the way!
  7. Lead. And then disappear. My family once toured Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, the longest known cave system in the world. Our tour guide was perfect. She prepared us thoroughly and told us fascinating stories along the way. Her knowledge of (and love for) the caves was almost as endless as the caves themselves. And yet, when the tour was over, it was the caves we remembered.

May we all be like that tour guide, knowledgeable and thoughtful, sensing others’ needs, and driven by an infectious passion for the journey to God’s heart. May we point out amazing sights along the way and be active, hands-on guides. And yet in the end, if we are good leaders…

It will be God they remember.


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25 Responses to Helping Others Worship God With Their Whole Being

  1. Excellent. Thanks Mitch – it’s a timely reminder. Too often in churches we comment about the songs we sing, the style of music, the quality of the musicianship, the person leading, our personal preferences… and fail to focus on the God it’s supposed to be centred on…

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  2. It will be God they remember regardless of the style. Yes! That is what we want.

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  3. Gary Fultz says:

    Excellent Mitch. Love the 7 points. The biggest influence on me was Al Denson before he was “known,” That dates me to the 80’s… He lived out those 7 points and knew how to fadeaway.

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  4. I like the analogy of the cave tour guide, Mitch. I want to be like her.

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  5. jmfayle says:

    I love it! The Church lives and grows in part because of good worship in spirit and truth. Great encouragement on how to get there, Mitch!

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  6. I pray that God will continue to inspire you with inspirational messages like these seven points to help others find their way. Thanks, Mitch.

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  7. Vera Day says:

    This is a wonderful post! I like and agree with all seven points. -Priscilla/Vera

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  8. #hood says:

    1 chronicles 23:11 hide the word & not sin against thee


  9. So let it be. Amen and amen. God bless, Mitch!

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  10. Maren says:

    These are wonderful. Thank you so much.

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  11. Terri Nida says:

    Hi Mitch. What a wonderful post that both encouraged and convicted me. I like the idea being a worshiper and allowing the flow to come from my heart. I also like the idea of being a bridge – both in my relationship with God and helping others to feel connected. Thanks for this powerful message.

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  12. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Yes. That’s the truth for sure. How far we often are from this.



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