Sacred Spaces for Stories

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My Featured Blogger this week is Wynne Leon of Surprised by Joy. Wynne is an optimist who is “charting her own path.” She’s also a single mother whose children regularly show her “what it is like to be so fresh from the Source and unapologetically human.” Wynne considers her blog a sacred space, and it shows. She exudes trust and transparency, and inspires others to do the same.

Surprised By Joy

Our actual job as writers is to make the world a little more clear. A little less cluttered. A little less ugly.” – Ann Handley

In my favorite coffee shop, there are three cushy chairs by the window, organized around a low coffee table. I’m usually early enough to get my seat, the one where I can put my tea on the windowsill and plug in my laptop, and then the other chairs eventually fill up. Usually it’s two people by themselves like me but sometimes it’ll be two people together and then since they are facing me, we’re all in it together.

A while back I heard two 50-something women sitting in the chairs together catching up after a while. One was talking about her process for measuring progress on her diet, lamenting the fact that any weight gain or loss she experiences happens three days after…

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5 Responses to Sacred Spaces for Stories

  1. Wynne Leon says:

    Thank you, Mitch! I appreciate your generous intro and for reblogging my post. As you know, I love your sacred storytelling and I’m so honored to be mentioned by you!

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  2. Ana Daksina says:

    Commented on original post:

    If people don’t want to be written about they should go find friends who are willing to play the “some truths I will turn my back on and ignore or deny, either for your convenience or my own” game.

    This world’s full of those.

    For some reason, though, it’s the writer they choose (read the last word twice) to stay near.

    Might it be qualities like honesty, transparency, moral cleanliness, courage and conviction to which they are attracted?

    Then why are they trying now to change them?

    If they don’t like what’s written they can change or refute it. It’s not up to me to redact truth, but to them to live up to it. Or not.

    “Blog fodder,” my petunia.

    What am I supposed to write about? Things I’ve never personally experienced?…

    Well, that might explain the completely unrealistic state of modern literary academia.

    And, truth be told, American society at large.

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  3. That line can be so hard to walk. I have so many stories I’ve never told because it doesn’t feel like they are mine to tell.

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  4. Wynne’s writing made me feel like I was in the coffee shop listening to her dilemma. Refreshing, but I felt naughty eavesdropping! Thanks for sharing Wynne’s blog, Mitch.

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