Easter Bunny Burnout

“Sheesh, the last week of Easter prep is the worst! There’s the Egg Orders to get in, the Delivery Route to plan. Can’t sleep, gotta finish the Kid List before…before…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

TGIF-Office Worker bunnyIt’s tough being a mythical holiday icon.


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13 Responses to Easter Bunny Burnout

  1. jmfayle says:

    😂😂 good one!

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  2. Norman Peterson says:

    It is tough being a representative of Ashtoreth. Remember, she came out of an egg dropped into the Euphraties (or was it the Tigris?) Turned into the famale goddess that was a pop star in Ephesis. Artemis. What a show it was until the city council said the riot against Paul would bring Roman intercession. She gets around.
    No easter eggs nor bunnies for us. Not even chocolate ones. Don’t want to awaken the authorities perse’

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  3. Wait, I feel like this every week!

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  4. I feel like this quite often. Haven’t fallen of my office chair -yet.

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  5. I feel ya, Easter Bunny!

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