Don’t Forget!

It’s Daylight Savings Time!

Don’t forget to set your brain forward!

 P.S. I’m off doing a speaking date today. Recurring episodes of The Wishing Map will resume next Saturday. Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet jumped into this entrancing adventure, why not start right now? Click here to begin!

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13 Responses to Don’t Forget!

  1. Yippie, it’s daylightsloseanhourofsleep time! Thank you for the reminder Mitch ⏰

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  2. Patiently awaiting a print copy of The Wishing Map!

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  3. Nancy Ruegg says:

    You’ve got that right, Mitch: set your BRAIN forward! That’s exactly what we’re going to need the next few mornings. I’m thinking the world should just set their clocks ahead a HALF hour one of these late winters, and be done with it. No more back and forth!

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  4. my brain barely works where it is … moving it forward just might jam all the rusty gears I have left. 😉

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  5. murisopsis says:

    Hehe! There is no reset to the dog’s tummy clock…

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  6. Pam Webb says:

    Losing an hour of sleep to gain more daylight—someone thought this was a good idea?

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  7. Thotaramani says:

    I like to move only forward like time. Don’t know when our life ends. So Have a nice day ahead 🎉🎈 friends

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  8. Ugh, the “spring forward” time change seems to set my brain several hours back and it stays there for most of the following week …

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  9. C.A. Post says:

    I just keep my body on “real time” all year long, so getting up at 6:30 becomes getting up at 7:30 on Daylight Stupid Time.
    The senators who are campaigning for the “Protect the Sunshine Act” should have been around when King Canute tried to stop the tides. They could have saved him some major embarrassment by just moving the high tide mark and then saying, “There you go! You did it! You stopped the tide!” 🥴

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